Saturday, June 27, 2015

DIY Therapy: Making Things is Relaxing

Here are two salves I made today using shea butter, coconut, palm, red palm, extra virgin avocado oils, beeswax and essential oils.

You know how sometimes we know ourselves, and we basically get what we like and what we aren't as fond of? Sometimes I don't know exactly why I like something, but I just do. Usually that happens when I'm just caught up in the enjoyment of something and I'm not grasping to analyze why. I think the trouble comes in when I attempt to dissect a situation or activity. In my experience.

So, this knowing but not quite knowing applies to my interesting in DIY projects. I've always loved making things, especially practical things like laundry soap, deodorant, household cleaner, candles, food/recipes, etc. There is something so satisfyingly homesteadish about the whole endeavor.

But, beyond any practical benefits, making things is great therapy. That's what I'm finding now. I always feel more relaxed, but at the same time, more productive, during and after making something. Sometimes, however, if I get caught up in my head I panic about the fact that I just made a bunch of salve or deodorant or glycerin soaps or whatnot. But as long as I don't go too overboard with it, it can be very calming.

The only thing I wish when I was doing it was that I could have someone pay me to make things, or at least I could have someone just give me money to make things so I didn't have to worry about the cost of materials and I could simply enjoy making them. But high quality goods require purchasing materials. Which is why I can't do this as often as I'd like. But, that's ok. That's why it's good to rotate interests and keep things fresh.

So, I'm finding that I often feel guilty for doing things I like to do, such as making salve even though I should be saving that avocado, coconut or palm oil for cooking. I have to remind myself that it's totally OK not to be perfectly practical all the time. In fact, it's necessary.

Wishing you all a dash of self-serving impracticality,

Friday, June 26, 2015

Temperance, Tilted: Feeling Weak and Off Kilter

Here's a card draw from a few days ago. I whipped out my Motherpeace Tarot recently, as I chose it using and wanted to honor my choice. Hehe. Anyway. I had not been feeling well at all due to a bad sinus pain flare which left me feeling rather icky and off balance, which goes well with this card's meaning.

I like the feature of this deck where each orientation (upright, reversed, left-tilted, right-tilted) all have certain meanings. Left-tilted implies a weakened influence, or a problem engaging the energy of the card. Right-tilted has a kind of 'trying too hard' feel to it--a very strong push or forceful energy--an extreme.

So, I received the left-tilted Temperance. To me, this shows feeling weak and off balance. Out-of-touch, if you will. I certainly have felt that way in recent days, having physical pain as well as a lack of money, and dealing with entertaining my often moody daughter. However, there are always bright sides, and things have lifted somewhat. I've found some activities my daughter wants to do (some of the time!) and our finances are a bit better now, largely due to my husband's increased work load (not so good!) because of his co-worker's illness. Six weeks out of work has my husband on call and working late.

My pain has let up to some extent, or at least it has lessened for now. I am working on strategies to figure out the triggers for my sinuses, bladder, and other weak areas. I know there are probably multiple factors. I know when my stress level is up I do tend to have more physical problems. So, adequate sleep and other simple things are as big a consideration as anything more complicated (example: testing my thyroid, hormones, eliminating foods, etc). I am considering everything.

So, as I work on the proper balance I hope to see the resulting improvement in more than one area of my life.


Friday, June 19, 2015

Relationships: Beneficial Connections

Hi Folks!

I hope everyone had a decent week. I have mostly been trying to stay present with my daughter and do things with her in the summer, while also allowing her space to be bored at times. A balance between structure, free time, time with Pele, time without her, time to myself (when I can get that), and so forth. I admit I've never been a big summer person. I don't really like overly warm weather and, of course, my daughter being home for the summer presents challenges. could be a lot worse. I've put my daughter in some classes and workshops, and I'm trying to set up beneficial systems, but only to an extent. I know she's old enough now to provide some of this structure herself. I just have to reign her in when it comes to certain things.

As for myself, I have not really spent much time defining a focus for myself, though I find my priority to be about connection with my daughter and husband during the summer. But, I'm always on the lookout for a creative focus, too. I believe we still plan to do some room painting in the house this summer, as soon as we free up enough money to do so, and we have a weekend where my husband isn't on call (unfortunately he has two consecutive weekends on call due to a co-worker being sick with clots and collapsed veins), which includes both Father's Day and the weekend before our anniversary. Again, it's not my favorite time of year when it comes to my husband's job, because there's always some new chaos, and his co-workers always take time off, making things extra busy for him, and his presence at home understandably scarce as a result.

Even so, I'm working on staying primarily positive and focused on the good aspects of connection and relationships. Sometimes I'd just rather say, 'to hell with all this' and go hide in a cave by myself. I would rather not navigate play dates, relationships, and other stuff, but I do what I must.

I will see y'all later. I'll blog again sometime in a week or so.

Much Love,

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday Affirmation: Simple Acts of Service

I don't have much to say about this. I know I should, but I think it'll suffice to say that service is important to everyone in one way or another. Most of us do derive great satisfaction from doing things for others. But, something struck me that someone said in a blog post: anything you do, even for others, is ultimately for yourself. Whether it's global or personal, it's resonating somewhere within you, it's connected to you in some deep, personal way. Microcosm and macrocosm.

I've always thought that even the smallest things are important. That's why I try not to take the word service so seriously and strictly. Service as a concept is huge and encompassing, inclusive. There are so many tiny acts of goodness and courage, and service, going on all the time that we scarcely recognize them. Often, we don't honor anything or speak well of it unless it's some grandiose campaign. Most of the time, we dismiss and deride anything that's not over-the-top ambitious. Life is very competitive in that way. I'm realizing that, most of the time, I'm not one for global, grandiose gestures.

I find my power and focus in the day-to-day.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Health and Happiness

I know I am not supposed to post until July. Hehe! But, that's ok. I got this deck and wanted to post with it a bit. This deck is very simple, with key words and phrases. The book is really unnecessary, I think. The cards are pretty straight-forward. They're great focus cards for an altar or just to look at passing by on your dresser.

And what a better focus than health and happiness? These are definitely two very important foci for me at this time. I'm just trying to do my best to manage my summer and not have intense pain flare-ups in my bladder and sinuses, my two main areas of issue. I know there are many other areas (like my thyroid/adrenals/etc), but I think good stress management, and special attention paid to these areas may help. In health, everything is connected, and that includes your emotions and stress levels.

I hope you all are well and I send out goodness for your day and night,