Saturday, June 27, 2015

DIY Therapy: Making Things is Relaxing

Here are two salves I made today using shea butter, coconut, palm, red palm, extra virgin avocado oils, beeswax and essential oils.

You know how sometimes we know ourselves, and we basically get what we like and what we aren't as fond of? Sometimes I don't know exactly why I like something, but I just do. Usually that happens when I'm just caught up in the enjoyment of something and I'm not grasping to analyze why. I think the trouble comes in when I attempt to dissect a situation or activity. In my experience.

So, this knowing but not quite knowing applies to my interesting in DIY projects. I've always loved making things, especially practical things like laundry soap, deodorant, household cleaner, candles, food/recipes, etc. There is something so satisfyingly homesteadish about the whole endeavor.

But, beyond any practical benefits, making things is great therapy. That's what I'm finding now. I always feel more relaxed, but at the same time, more productive, during and after making something. Sometimes, however, if I get caught up in my head I panic about the fact that I just made a bunch of salve or deodorant or glycerin soaps or whatnot. But as long as I don't go too overboard with it, it can be very calming.

The only thing I wish when I was doing it was that I could have someone pay me to make things, or at least I could have someone just give me money to make things so I didn't have to worry about the cost of materials and I could simply enjoy making them. But high quality goods require purchasing materials. Which is why I can't do this as often as I'd like. But, that's ok. That's why it's good to rotate interests and keep things fresh.

So, I'm finding that I often feel guilty for doing things I like to do, such as making salve even though I should be saving that avocado, coconut or palm oil for cooking. I have to remind myself that it's totally OK not to be perfectly practical all the time. In fact, it's necessary.

Wishing you all a dash of self-serving impracticality,


  1. A difficult balance, the joy of making and of using these lovely products, yet the worry about the cost and impracticality. Though I'd say that taking care of your skin with salve is necessary, too. Mmm, I'll take that dash of self-serving impracticality :D

    1. Very true! Overall I don't regret making things, but I admit that a few times I've cringed when I went overboard. Haha! Much love, MM