Friday, June 19, 2015

Relationships: Beneficial Connections

Hi Folks!

I hope everyone had a decent week. I have mostly been trying to stay present with my daughter and do things with her in the summer, while also allowing her space to be bored at times. A balance between structure, free time, time with Pele, time without her, time to myself (when I can get that), and so forth. I admit I've never been a big summer person. I don't really like overly warm weather and, of course, my daughter being home for the summer presents challenges. could be a lot worse. I've put my daughter in some classes and workshops, and I'm trying to set up beneficial systems, but only to an extent. I know she's old enough now to provide some of this structure herself. I just have to reign her in when it comes to certain things.

As for myself, I have not really spent much time defining a focus for myself, though I find my priority to be about connection with my daughter and husband during the summer. But, I'm always on the lookout for a creative focus, too. I believe we still plan to do some room painting in the house this summer, as soon as we free up enough money to do so, and we have a weekend where my husband isn't on call (unfortunately he has two consecutive weekends on call due to a co-worker being sick with clots and collapsed veins), which includes both Father's Day and the weekend before our anniversary. Again, it's not my favorite time of year when it comes to my husband's job, because there's always some new chaos, and his co-workers always take time off, making things extra busy for him, and his presence at home understandably scarce as a result.

Even so, I'm working on staying primarily positive and focused on the good aspects of connection and relationships. Sometimes I'd just rather say, 'to hell with all this' and go hide in a cave by myself. I would rather not navigate play dates, relationships, and other stuff, but I do what I must.

I will see y'all later. I'll blog again sometime in a week or so.

Much Love,

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