Friday, June 26, 2015

Temperance, Tilted: Feeling Weak and Off Kilter

Here's a card draw from a few days ago. I whipped out my Motherpeace Tarot recently, as I chose it using and wanted to honor my choice. Hehe. Anyway. I had not been feeling well at all due to a bad sinus pain flare which left me feeling rather icky and off balance, which goes well with this card's meaning.

I like the feature of this deck where each orientation (upright, reversed, left-tilted, right-tilted) all have certain meanings. Left-tilted implies a weakened influence, or a problem engaging the energy of the card. Right-tilted has a kind of 'trying too hard' feel to it--a very strong push or forceful energy--an extreme.

So, I received the left-tilted Temperance. To me, this shows feeling weak and off balance. Out-of-touch, if you will. I certainly have felt that way in recent days, having physical pain as well as a lack of money, and dealing with entertaining my often moody daughter. However, there are always bright sides, and things have lifted somewhat. I've found some activities my daughter wants to do (some of the time!) and our finances are a bit better now, largely due to my husband's increased work load (not so good!) because of his co-worker's illness. Six weeks out of work has my husband on call and working late.

My pain has let up to some extent, or at least it has lessened for now. I am working on strategies to figure out the triggers for my sinuses, bladder, and other weak areas. I know there are probably multiple factors. I know when my stress level is up I do tend to have more physical problems. So, adequate sleep and other simple things are as big a consideration as anything more complicated (example: testing my thyroid, hormones, eliminating foods, etc). I am considering everything.

So, as I work on the proper balance I hope to see the resulting improvement in more than one area of my life.



  1. Ah yes, that right balance: taking care of life's basics and also testing for external factors. Really hope you get some clarity, and some relief!

  2. Thanks for caring, Chloe! I so appreciate that. I hope you're feeling well today. I know you have a lot of factors to juggle and people to take care of! Xxoo

    1. Ha, you have plenty to take care of, too, MM! I've never liked reading this deck with the tilts - feels kind of overcomplicated to me. Still, I loved your reading of it. Hope you make a great start to the week.
      Hugs, Cxxx

    2. Ah, well, I am trying to do some things well, but I'm definitely less busy than a lot of people I know! I have been cooking and cleaning and meal planning a lot. Pele is a ravenous beast! It's a full-time job trying to keep her from eating the whole house. Hehe. The tilts are funny. Normally I am not a fan of reversals or the like, but for some reason I find this deck an exception for me. I'm doing decently--not too bad! My bladder is a bit off (trying to work on that, too), but my sinuses and such feel a lot better. Hope you are well. Big hugs, MM