Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sinus Health Reading

I've not felt that great physically lately. I do tend to have some chronic health issues, especially revolving around my sinuses/ears/lungs, bladder, etc. There are some key areas for chronic pain.

Through various means, lots of research, trial and error, I've been working to improve my situation. Dietary changes (no dairy, gluten, minimal grains, probiotic foods as well as high potency multi-flora probiotics, herbs), sinus flushes, and on and on. I've noted that stress causes symptoms to linger, and anxiety is my Achilles Heel.

I've been more focused about improving my sinus health, doing things like removing congesting foods (dairy being the obvious one, but there are others), and the like. I think that healing my gut is another big player--and I'm working on that, too. In any case, though I don't feel that great and my energy level isn't amazing (sinus drainage, some congestion in my lungs, sinus headaches, fatigue, blah, blah), I'm focused on healing myself. I'm more dedicated to feeling better.

The cards I pulled on this topic look pretty good overall. You have the 4 of Swords, recommending rest and recovery, always an important piece for wellbeing. You have the Page of Pentacles, indicating new beginnings in the area of health. The 10 of Cups invites positive emotional and family connections to help one feel loved, supported and healthy. And the Wheel of Fortune promises that things can change for the better, even when we fear they can't.

See you all next week. My hubby will be home for a few days so I want to concentrate on spending time with him!

Lots of Love,


  1. I've had another bout of sinusitis over the last week, though it seems to be improving now. So, I can fully empathise with you on this, MM. I really hope that the dedication you are putting into healing will pay off quickly, and you will feel a renewed sense of energy and joy :)

    1. Oy! Sorry to hear you were stricken with sinus woes too, Chloe! I've been having sinus issues on and off since I was in my early 20's and I am eager to get a better handle on them. I have new issues too but if I can figure out this one somewhat then that would be great! Health things tend to need some level of nursing and constant vigilance. I know when I stop with self care my wellbeing plummets. Also, my body seems keenly sensitive to stress of any kind.
      I hope the cards portend better health for us both now! I feel a bit better since writing this but still working on it. Hugs!! MM

    2. It's interesting, I only started getting sinusitis about four years ago... Anyhow, thank you for the reminder about dairy and gluten - I had some cheese in a pie yesterday and felt worse, and then it clicked. So, I shall be more careful until this bout has cleared up!
      Hugs!! Cxxxx

    3. It is odd and I wonder why some people are especially prone to sinus issues. There's a very good holistic sinus treatment book called 'Sinus Survival' and I recommend it! Some of the suggestions have really helped me. Not only irrigation, but dietary and even emotional health suggestions! I do sometimes wish I could eat anything I wanted without any consequences but so far that's not really possible. Heh. :D Hugs, MM