Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer Focus Trio: Obedience, Intuition and Honesty

Here are three cards I pulled today in reference to the topic of a summer focus. I even tried to put the obedience card back, shuffled it, only to pull it again. OYE! Haha. Sorry. Obedience isn't my favorite card or topic in general. Hehee. The gist of this Obedience card is to play the game, play by the rules. Stay on the path, don't stray too far left or right. There's a reason to the path and sometimes going too far afoul of it is just a bad idea.

Honesty is just what it sounds like. Honesty in word and deed. Don't deceive myself into thinking I want something when I don't. Don't convince myself I don't need something when I do. That sort of thing. I do find this helpful, and I do value honesty. I think that it's harder to pin down our honest needs than we realize--especially as most of us have a slew of self-protective mechanisms built in. But I'm learning to trust my innate wisdom and timing.

And that brings me to the middle card. The Moon is about that inner guidance. Intuition and instinct. The subtitle says the best way to move through uncertainty or darkness of any sort is to use your gut. I completely agree with the quote from the card's description where it says first to honor what you feel about a situation on a deep level, whether it makes sense on a practical and obvious level or not:

"Sometimes people will say one thing, and you have a weird feeling that they mean something else altogether."

I admit that I don't always honor those feelings. I get them, sometimes very strongly, but I hold back, perhaps thinking that I'm being unreasonable if I don't like or trust so and so--only to find later that it was important that I hadn't followed a certain path. That doesn't mean I haven't made a million and one mistakes along the way--just that I've seen and heard enough to know that gut instinct is real.

So, I'll try to work within established paths but at the same time working with my personal honesty and intuition, seeing where they lead me. It's a strange combination, these cards, but on the other hand it makes sense. A lot of times the sorts of changes we make are gradual and more careful--not wild and out of the blue. Sometimes obedience can be a helpful thing.



  1. Very thought provoking, to be honest with ourselves about how we feel, and to actively be obedient to those feelings. Well played. Thanks for sharing this with us! It sounds like you were just as touched as I was about the message in the cards. :)

    1. Thanks, Bridgett! I'm still trying to follow this advice. I feel like messages take a while to sink in. I guess that's why having a blog for them can be useful. I like looking back on readings and taking time to process them! Thanks for coming by. :) Gracias, MM