Wednesday, July 22, 2015

This Time Two Years Ago

I like looking back at readings I've done months or even years ago. It gives me some perspective on where I was, where I am now in relation to that, and is just an interesting look at life in general. The pull you see above was done on July 22nd, 2013, exactly two years ago today. To see the full reading, click here. Sometimes I'll see patterns in how I'm feeling and what I'm doing at different times of the year. During the summer months I tend to battle ennui and trying to figure out how to entertain my daughter on a limited budget, although that was true year-round for 7.5 years while she was home, but it seems more pronounced in the summer at times.

In the winter I feel kind of tense and agitated--I am not a fan of winter driving, and I always feel a bit conflicted about holiday plans. Thinking of going places but not having good scheduling or money available to do so. Anyway, the part I like best about going back and looking over events from the past is that I can see where I am doing better than I was. I can clearly see that things worked out better than I thought they would (in most cases!) and the things that went wrong could've been a lot worse. In many ways, it's comforting to see where I've been and where I end up. Some parts of the journey have been scary, but I still feel lucky to be where I am now.



  1. I can totally relate about entertaining my children during the summer months. It is much more expensive, just in groceries.

    1. Completely agreed! The food is expensive...entertaining is more expensive day to day. I love my daughter but I think overall my wellbeing is higher when she is in school... :)