Sunday, July 26, 2015

Up and Away: Month Long Blogging Hiatus

I pulled this card this morning. I'm going to take a little blogging break but I wanted a send off by the Tarot Nova. I generally see this card as meaning either transitioning from one thing to another (usually an improvement, as the traditional image on this card is a ship sailing away from stormy seas), or of travel, or some other thing involving movement. The change may be mental, too, as swords are about the mind, ideas, and thinking in general. This deck is curious, though:

"To achieve security and happiness you've got to plan your goals carefully now. Knowing when to say no will help you maintain your integrity. Take some time for yourself."

I like their meaning, even though I definitely wouldn't call it traditional. Not that it matters to me. Sometimes I like having meanings be standard, but then again, what fun would that be? There are general meanings to the cards, and there are the various twists and turns and personal interpretations. You can almost visualize the idea they're illustrating here if you see the hot air balloon as something of a little hermit hut. The person is hunkering down and planning for his/her future. They're seeming to take time for themselves.

I like the to-the-point, practical meaning over at the Psychic Revelations website. It speaks to me:

"Generally the 6 shows at least a slight reduction in stress and strain. Things may not be perfect, but they are going to be better than they may have been in the recent past. Take this time to get your head above water and decide where you're going from here. Even a short break or change of scenery will be helpful. This doesn't have to cost money. "

The idea of movement is still present in the image of the card--as this character is carried away by a hot air balloon. It seems like an act of trust, since it's not a predictable vessel exactly. The combination of personal will (deciding to embark on the journey), and vulnerability/surrender (letting the wind direct your course you), is an interesting image that I'll carry with me.

See you all at the end of August!



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    1. Thanks a bunch. I'm trying! At the moment I'll settle for being rid of this stomach bug. Hugs!

  2. Waiting for the hiatus to be over :-)

    1. It's happening soon! Hehe. Thanks for caring. 💚💛✨