Monday, August 31, 2015

Last Day of August Reading

I pulled this trio while parked and waiting for my daughter to get out of class today. It was hot and humid and I was sweating (we're not allowed to idle our cars or run the AC while waiting), but clouds hung overhead and rain may be imminent. I puzzled over the reading briefly, but didn't really expend a lot of energy on it, especially since I knew I had limited time before getting my daughter.

The Bat is one of the bonus cards in Shaheen's Tattered Nomad Oracle. It is about rebirth, change and transformation, and could be likened to the Death card or maybe the Wheel of Fortune or some other card of shifting circumstance. There are always a bunch of ways to read cards in every system. I don't mind winging it, though.

I could potentially read this as shifting circumstance and transformation causes temporary problems (clouds) for the woman. Or, I could see it as changing circumstances make it harder for the woman to see clearly. Anyway, I'm not entirely sure, but I'll put it on the back burner.


Saturday, August 29, 2015

This Time Two Years Ago: Premie Baby

I was looking at posts from two years ago, when my niece was born. Her second birthday is tomorrow, and the family is getting together to celebrate on Sunday afternoon. Here is the post I wrote the day before she was born, two years ago.  At that same time, less than a week before, my daughter started school for the first time. It was a time of high nerves for me, not sure how my daughter would adjust to school. Even though she had a slightly rocky start, and she still has some issues from time to time, all in all it worked out well. And I'm glad to say my niece was born healthy and is thriving now.


Friday, August 28, 2015

Rider & Birds: Messages and Chatter

I got this duo this morning while I was parked with my car off in the cool almost-fall weather near a local coffee shop, which I later entered to get a cup of herbal tea. I wanted to pull a couple of cards today, and I thought these were pretty appropriate! The Rider and Birds combined (according to some sources I read), tend to mean something of a flurry of messages or calls. Certainly in a basic sense Rider is about a delivery of some sort, a message or something in transit, and the Birds is about talk, chatter, communications.

This makes sense in many ways, as my parents are in town and I was e-mailing back and forth about meeting up later today. And we'll be catching up since we haven't seen them for a while, as they've been taking care of my maternal grandmother in Texas.

Isn't this bee pouch perfect for this deck? I think the iconic and vintagey image goes well with Shaheen's marvelous deck. Well, anyway. I don't have much to say about this beyond that. I'm going to have to eat something for lunch soon.


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tea Leaf Fortune Cards for September

As yet another month draws to a close, I decided to get out my Tea Leaf Fortune Cards and do a pull for the month of September. I have to say, I almost always do so with a good dose of trepidation, since the pulls can be a mixed bag. In this case, however, the cards aren't being too rude with me. That doesn't necessarily mean anything about September, but like most lovers of divination, I like I delude myself into believing that if the cards look happy then everythings a-ok. Hehehe! O.K. I'm kidding. I know we're not that naive.

But, speaking frankly, sometimes a bit of false hope can be uplifting and lead to good things anyway. That's my motto. If I dread something that may be coming up (which would be a poor use of divination) I'm not living my life in a way that's beneficial or productive in any way. Whatever your method of's not working to help you overcome challenges.

Anyway...a brief inventory of the cards I received:

Windchimes: Peace and Harmony. Ahhhhhh. Can't you just feel the relaxation?  I love this card.

Fire: Strong emotion. Passionate love or hate. The only possibly questionable card in the reading, but really it's neutral. It could be great or not so great. I guess in some ways that's true of everything--the good, bad, ugly and in-between of life. If we use a painful experience in good ways it becomes a force for good. If we use a good experience as an excuse to ignore our true needs or to fall into apathy, that's not the best use of that energy. But, either way...all experience is good experience. Repeat that 100,000 times as a reminder when something annoying or distressing happens, right?! Hehee. Oy.

Wishbone: A wish is granted. This is generally a good thing, no?

Needle & Thread: A sincere wish will be granted. Somehow re-inforces the Wishbone card, right?

All that happy stuff said, I actually have no clue about September. But there you go. I'll come back to this at the end of September to see what I can see.  Here is hoping you all like September.


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Holding Together: Last Day of Summer Break Activity

When I pulled a card for the Tuesday draw I had one thing on my mind...which is that today is the last day of summer vacation. Am I sad? Not very. Actually, I am a little bit. I love my daughter greatly...nothing is more important to me. Even when she complains and demands all day every day (and there are many days like that), I can't help but love her with all of my being, which is probably why parenting can be so hard at times. If you didn't care it would be easy.

So when I pulled this card on the last day of summer as a focus I found it interesting. For one thing, there's a pun there: a 'school' of fish...and she's going to start school on Wednesday. Funny? Ish? Fish? I also thought of a group activity (though honestly I didn't plan ahead for that and so close to school starting it would be too tough to organize). Then I thought literally...and that almost made the most sense. Sometimes I'll take her to the pet store to look at the fish, cats, snakes, gerbils, and other animals. It's free and she usually enjoys it. Since I have to keep a pretty tight budget, free or cheap is the name of the game!

I can also see as working with her to come up with fun things to do for cheap or free. Participating in the choosing of the activity may help make her feel more involved. I do try to do this, though admittedly not as much as I should. She's in a learned helplessness phase at the moment--she doesn't want to try anything much, and will seem upset trying to come up with ideas. the same time she can dive into periods of amazing creativity and self-sufficiency. The hard part is convincing her she's capable of that. But I am not trying too hard--I don't want to try to harass her into figuring out what to do. I just want to facilitate. Being too hands off is a bad idea, and being too micro-managey isn't good either. I've learned both the hard way.

Sending you all love,

Monday, August 24, 2015

A Tao Oracle Duo: Exhaustion and Uncertainty

Hi Everyone!

I'm back from my month-long hiatus.  Close enough, right? It's been almost a month. I have to say, I'm glad this summer is ending. I always seem to struggle during the summer. Parenting has not been easy, but there have been some good things. Overall, though, I always feel better around the equinox, whether spring or fall. I've also just felt tired, burnt out and having lingering stress/physical issues. Even so, one shining gem is that I've been reconnecting to my visual art as an outlet. This is cyclical, for sure, as I have bouts of wanting to paint, but it's notable in that I haven't had this desire much at all for the past five years, about.

As I told my dear friend recently, part of the reason for this resurgence of painting is that money has been tight and I haven't really been able to afford to do much else. Any money I had was (perhaps futilely) spent trying to provide an array of activities for my daughter over the summer...within reason. But, assuming you have a few materials, you can make art without a ton of expense. I happened to have some wooden art boards (ready to hang!), and I also made a handful of hand-painted pins and pendants, though I haven't sprayed the clear coating on them, nor attached any jewelry findings. The fact remains, though, that I managed to create some visual works of art, possibly fueled by my own angst and boredom. If you're curious to see my art website, go ahead!

So, it doesn't surprise me at all that I received these two cards. The 'Excess' card is very reminiscent of the 10 of Wands, isn't it? The heavy weight of something lingers and you just want to throw it off. This can relate to worries and anxiety as much as responsibilities. Mostly I've been parenting, cooking, cleaning, the usual. But I guess I've just felt like I'm going through the motions a lot of the time. I've wanted to shift gears, to feel some relief, or feel less burnt out. I'm tired of dealing with the same old problems, both health-wise, with my daughter, and in general. So, my task now is to continue to follow the path of my creativity, or any other concept that seems useful to me now. Sometimes the heaviest burdens we carry are the fears that we'll never do or be anything new or better, that we'll just drag along, not really feeling like we're doing that well, or that we're just running up against the same issues over and over. That's why it is so important to take a new perspective or try something, even if it's not necessarily going to help.

Here's a quote from the Excess card, showing the energy behind it:

"Life becomes more energy efficient when we are in touch with our own natural rhythms and needs. Whether you call it meditation, reflection, or contemplation, it's vital to take the time to be alone to see and feel what is true for you in the here and now. It's also healthy periodically to ask yourself questions like: What are my real intentions as a a a human being? Am I functioning like a robot, or from my truth? Am I living in accord with the laws of nature? Every time we reconsider where we're really coming from in our lives we realign with truth."

Good questions, and points. I know I often come from an artificially anxious, amped up, tense or expectation-filled place, and this can become a huge force of habit! I would love to slough off all those excess expectations of self, others, and more. That's what I'm working on, among other things!

The 'Before Completion' card is the last card in the Tao Oracle. I think, symbolically, it points to my daughter going back to school (yay! I made it through the cantankerous summer!) but also asks me not to quit before something good comes of any efforts I've made. We may assume, at times, that what we're working on is of no consequence or that we need to be doing more or some other questioning, doubtful mind frame, but often we've been working steadily toward a goal, not realizing we're almost there! Have you all seen the graphic floating around Facebook with the guy and his pick axe who gives up just before he gets to the gold, and he's inches from it? While in the top frame another guy is going full speed ahead, with confidence, and will likely reach his goal? It's a good thing to remember. Forward motion can cut through a lot! Here's that image:

Anyway, this post is longer than I wanted it to be! I could go on and on about my summer and psychoanalyze the crap out of it (good and bad and in-between) but...nah. Instead, I'll try to take the advice in the 'Before Completion' card, which is as follows:

"When any undertaking reaches a point of near completion, it is natural that there is a moment of wavering. So don't be frightened off track by the wobblies! This is how nature works. Just remember to be gentle with yourself during this shaky time."

Though, despite this, the card also cautions against action simply for action's sake:

"Carrying on despite signals that urge a change in plans would be foolish. Be ready to alter your approach, and be creative in your thinking. Do not act simply because you're being pressured by others, or driven by your own impatience. A firm footing is needed before you take the next step. A cautious approach that nevertheless shows resoluteness and grounding in spite of difficulties is what is needed now. Some may be impatient with your apparent lack of progress, but there are others who will respect the choices you've made."

That was a pretty long quote, but I like it anyway.  So...that's it for now! I hope you all are having a good end of Summer, or Winter, or whatever else is happening where you are. I hope goodness and clarity follows all of you wherever you go.

Sending Love,