Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Holding Together: Last Day of Summer Break Activity

When I pulled a card for the Tuesday draw I had one thing on my mind...which is that today is the last day of summer vacation. Am I sad? Not very. Actually, I am a little bit. I love my daughter greatly...nothing is more important to me. Even when she complains and demands all day every day (and there are many days like that), I can't help but love her with all of my being, which is probably why parenting can be so hard at times. If you didn't care it would be easy.

So when I pulled this card on the last day of summer as a focus I found it interesting. For one thing, there's a pun there: a 'school' of fish...and she's going to start school on Wednesday. Funny? Ish? Fish? I also thought of a group activity (though honestly I didn't plan ahead for that and so close to school starting it would be too tough to organize). Then I thought literally...and that almost made the most sense. Sometimes I'll take her to the pet store to look at the fish, cats, snakes, gerbils, and other animals. It's free and she usually enjoys it. Since I have to keep a pretty tight budget, free or cheap is the name of the game!

I can also see as working with her to come up with fun things to do for cheap or free. Participating in the choosing of the activity may help make her feel more involved. I do try to do this, though admittedly not as much as I should. She's in a learned helplessness phase at the moment--she doesn't want to try anything much, and will seem upset trying to come up with ideas. But...at the same time she can dive into periods of amazing creativity and self-sufficiency. The hard part is convincing her she's capable of that. But I am not trying too hard--I don't want to try to harass her into figuring out what to do. I just want to facilitate. Being too hands off is a bad idea, and being too micro-managey isn't good either. I've learned both the hard way.

Sending you all love,


  1. How old is your daughter? I home schooled mine for a couple of years, and I am full of ideas. :)

    1. She's almost 10. Thankfully I made it through most of the day. Wish my sinuses and lungs felt better! I hated homeschooling...don't think I'm suited to it! You have my admiration! Xo