Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tea Leaf Fortune Cards for September

As yet another month draws to a close, I decided to get out my Tea Leaf Fortune Cards and do a pull for the month of September. I have to say, I almost always do so with a good dose of trepidation, since the pulls can be a mixed bag. In this case, however, the cards aren't being too rude with me. That doesn't necessarily mean anything about September, but like most lovers of divination, I like I delude myself into believing that if the cards look happy then everythings a-ok. Hehehe! O.K. I'm kidding. I know we're not that naive.

But, speaking frankly, sometimes a bit of false hope can be uplifting and lead to good things anyway. That's my motto. If I dread something that may be coming up (which would be a poor use of divination) I'm not living my life in a way that's beneficial or productive in any way. Whatever your method of's not working to help you overcome challenges.

Anyway...a brief inventory of the cards I received:

Windchimes: Peace and Harmony. Ahhhhhh. Can't you just feel the relaxation?  I love this card.

Fire: Strong emotion. Passionate love or hate. The only possibly questionable card in the reading, but really it's neutral. It could be great or not so great. I guess in some ways that's true of everything--the good, bad, ugly and in-between of life. If we use a painful experience in good ways it becomes a force for good. If we use a good experience as an excuse to ignore our true needs or to fall into apathy, that's not the best use of that energy. But, either way...all experience is good experience. Repeat that 100,000 times as a reminder when something annoying or distressing happens, right?! Hehee. Oy.

Wishbone: A wish is granted. This is generally a good thing, no?

Needle & Thread: A sincere wish will be granted. Somehow re-inforces the Wishbone card, right?

All that happy stuff said, I actually have no clue about September. But there you go. I'll come back to this at the end of September to see what I can see.  Here is hoping you all like September.


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