Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Present Moment Directive: Reclaim Your Art

This image kinda says it all, doesn't it? This woman is taking her violin or whatever it is off of a high shelf, deciding to put her focus back on her art or craft. This is a great reminder for me, as an artist and general lover of creativity. I often dismiss the creative stuff or otherwise shelve it. I like the empowered energy of this card--the idea of reclaiming parts of ourselves, especially the creative parts.

Anyway, I will be back the first week of October, everyone! Have a lovely rest of the month.


Monday, September 14, 2015

October Trio: Key, Woman & Coffin

I pulled a few cards as a kind of overview of October. Interesting, right? So we start off with the Key card, a card of ideas and solutions. Some people it the 'Yes' card. It's followed by the Woman, and ends with Coffin. The basic feeling I got was that a woman finds solutions in endings. Or, worded another way...a solution that a woman comes up with leads to an ending. In any case, it's a thought-provoking little reading.


Saturday, September 12, 2015

End of Year Focus: Stork and Fish

Stork + fish (34): financial change, profitable change 
Stork+Fish=financial increase, business growth 
Stork/ Fish- a lump sum of money, a sum that is outside your normal income

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tarot Mat and Pouch

I found this little gem at the thrift store the other day. I really have no idea what its original, intended use was. It's a long zipered pouch that can be laid flat. I thought it was pretty ideal for doing divination on-the-go! It even fits in my purse. The cards have a place (you might even be able to fit two decks) that's zippered off, and the larger zipper will zip the entire thing up, or you can open it into a mat. I was smitten when I saw it, and have already used it a few times.

Much Love,

Friday, September 4, 2015

Mountain & Clover: Obstacle Removal

Happy Friday,  Y'all!

I just love Shaheen's Tattered Nomad Oracle. I have to say, it makes me want to use Lenormand cards. I don't like using any other Lenormand as well as I like Shaheen's deck! I like its personality quite a lot. It really speaks to me, though I do need practice. But that's OK.

Anyway. Enough raving. This duo seems to be about a challenge or obstacle ending, or some lucky break happening that stops a delay, turns things around, allows a person to get over that mountain and into the valley. I like it! How could I not?

See you all on Wednesday. It's a four day weekend because my husband took Tuesday off and he has Labor Day off on Monday. Plus my family is in town and I'll be spending some time with them.

Lots of Love,

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Coffin & Woman: Sad, Sick Lady

I thought the title of this post was humorous and dramatic, which is why I used it. Haha!

But when I looked up the meaning of this combination at Learn Lenormand I saw the meanings of a woman being in a negative or pessimistic frame of mind, or the woman feeling ill or downtrodden in some way. This lead me to thinking. How often do I fall into a victim mode? If I feel unwell, which I do fairly frequently, due to chronic conditions (sinus and bladder issues, among other things), do I fall into victim mode, or self-care mode? I think the danger is constantly feeling at odd with yourself, your body, and your life. You never feel satisfied with how things are. Say you feel decent, but you have no money. Or you have a great relationship but a terrible time getting a career off the ground. At every point, you could choose to apply your strengths to the weak links in your life.

I find that I become utterly frustrated with my body and my self, not unlike a harried and exhausted mother feels with her screaming toddlers in the grocery store. Yes, I've seen and experienced that plenty of times to know what that feels like! You just want them to be quiet and the errand to be over. I admit that I get trapped in a low mood, one with a thick coat of impatience and even self-loathing. But I'm learning, slowly, to have patience with myself and my body. If I don't feel up to something, I don't force it. Though I have noticed I still have certain expectations of how I SHOULD feel, or more accurately...what I have decided I must feel in order to be normal or healthy in my estimation.

Instead, there's a kind of surrender to the signals of life and the body that needs to happen. This doesn't imply a kind of lazy approach so much as it requires deep attention to be placed on those areas which are giving you strong red flags, telling you that something is out of whack. When we take the time to scan our body and our experience, we'll see the messages they're giving out more crisply. I used to think faster, bigger, more was better. Now I think that anything that isn't in line with what works in the here and now is the best thing, even if that happens to be still, silent or even to do something that you might not normally do. Whatever comes through.

There are obviously a bunch of other ways to interpret this, but this is enough writing for now! Hah.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Anchor & Star: Success in Achievement

As I tend to do, I've been thinking about my personal and professional goals. A lot of times, I admit I scatter my energy. But at the same time, I have done many creative works in my life, and no matter how insignificant that is on a global scale, it's still significant to me. And, over time, these creative works will sustain me on a level that's deeper  and more lasting than monetary reward.  They'll leave a legacy and memory for my daughter and her family and friends--they'll remember me as being creative and have fond stories to tell. I hope! I thought this was an interesting twist to add to the success or achievement concept. Achievement doesn't just have to be about climbing some pointless corporate ladder to nowhere.

From the Learn Lenormand site:

Anchor + star (16): success in reaching goals, great achievement

I'm trying to change my mindset around the concept of goals. Anything I accomplish today, no matter how banal, is just another goal, another step. It's all good, and it's all relevant. And that's true whether it's for a moment, a month or a lifetime.