Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Anchor & Star: Success in Achievement

As I tend to do, I've been thinking about my personal and professional goals. A lot of times, I admit I scatter my energy. But at the same time, I have done many creative works in my life, and no matter how insignificant that is on a global scale, it's still significant to me. And, over time, these creative works will sustain me on a level that's deeper  and more lasting than monetary reward.  They'll leave a legacy and memory for my daughter and her family and friends--they'll remember me as being creative and have fond stories to tell. I hope! I thought this was an interesting twist to add to the success or achievement concept. Achievement doesn't just have to be about climbing some pointless corporate ladder to nowhere.

From the Learn Lenormand site:

Anchor + star (16): success in reaching goals, great achievement

I'm trying to change my mindset around the concept of goals. Anything I accomplish today, no matter how banal, is just another goal, another step. It's all good, and it's all relevant. And that's true whether it's for a moment, a month or a lifetime.


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