Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cross & Rider: Bad News or Multiple Visits?


So, I admit when I pulled Cross I thought, 'UGH' and shoved it back into the deck. I shuffled again and pulled a card out. Guess what I got? Cross again. So I sighed in resignation and pulled it out. Then I pulled a second card to complete my duo and received Rider.

'Oh no!' That's what my anxious, feverish brain exclaimed when it saw this duo. What does it mean? Bad news? Usually when I think like this it's my anxiety and not my intuition. That's what I'm telling myself, anyway. I looked at the pull for a bit and then went over to Learn Lenormand to see the brief but sometimes thought-provoking keywords they provide on two card combinations:

Cross + rider (1): help is on its way, destined visitor

Oh. I felt a bit relieved. That's not really what I expected to see. Admittedly, I'm still a neophyte when it comes to the Lenormand system.  I know that the Cross, while it can mean trouble or hardship, does not necessarily mean that. Here are some meanings I've come across:

  • Pain/hardship/burden
  • Something destined
  • Something unavoidable
  • A crossroads
  • Spirituality
So, then I looked at Faery Godmother Fortunes and saw their interpretation:

Rider/ Cross- a visit to more than one place or multiple visits

And from Cafe Lenormand:

Cross + Rider: Painful visit, assistance

Hrm. I'm still not sure what to think. As with all readings, it's best to just take note of it and not worry about it or overthink it. The best readings happen when you're able to detach from them.

See you all next week. I'm going to be visiting with family and then my hubby's birthday is on Friday.



  1. I see difficult news too, but I like what you say about your anxiety talking. I often gun straight for the negative meaning. It's fear.

    Cross can sometimes represent spirituality and religion, so maybe news of that kind is predicted ��

    1. Yeah, absolutely. That's why it's good to detach!! I like having a tarot blog for that reason. I can look back and see what I was interpreting and how that differs from what happened. Thanks for the input! :D

  2. Hope the hubster's birthday went well! Another way to interpret these would be "a message about a life lesson". Which in some ways defines your reaction to this draw. A life lesson to accept and deal with your anxiety, and getting these cards made you think about that and reflect on the ways in which you can use your intuition or simply wait and see, rather than getting drawn into worrying :)

    1. Thanks m'dear! I think the message of things just happening or unavoidable things makes sense. Being busy, having lots of visits, birthday chaos, my daughter being sick and not sleeping well. It's a bit stressful but not horrendous. I think unavoidable or destined makes sense. Overall the duo had neutral or even positive meanings on the pages I read--mostly about being busy and having lots of visits, which makes sense for this past week or so. The Cross card in and of itself can be negative, but doesn't have to be overtly negative. Thanks for your great angle on that! That's why I am trying more and more to do this and relax about a meaning that might seem really unpleasant upon first glance. XOXOXO! Much Love, MM