Monday, October 5, 2015

Gradual Advancing: Keep Things Moving Along

Hello Lovely Folks,

So, recently (this was either last night or the night before) I had out my I Ching Tarot, which I enjoy. I like a similar deck, too, which is the Tao Oracle. The I Ching itself I find a mystery, as I haven't used it in its original form, though I've read about it. But these I Ching tarot/oracle cards allow me to use the I Ching in a more user-friendly, or at least familiar, way.

The message I received, Hexagram 53, was very basic in a way. The reminder seems to be that a slow and steady pace is often best. What I do (this is the lazy person's way, as opposed to using coins to get your changing line/s) is I select a number or numbers 1-6 for the changing line, and then read that message along with the main meaning. Or, I simply don't use the changing lines and look at the basic message. Shown here in the image on the lower right is the changing line message I got.

Having had a flare-up of my chronic sinusitis again these past couple of weeks (it's ongoing, but it often flares up and is worse than usual), I was diligent about my diet, taking my herbs and supplements, doing the neti pot, and trying to get as much rest and fluids as possible. I think I get very easily discouraged when I don't see improvement right away. This message of gradual advancing is a good one for me. It doesn't have to be a big leap to be an improvement.

After attending to my health and regime, not straying too far from what I seem to notice helps, I started to notice a gradual improvement in how I felt. I still feel woozy from some fluid in my inner ears, but my sinus pain is gone, and I don't feel nearly as off as I did. I am trying not to allow crazy expectations of perfection to keep me from staying the course. I'll often give up much too quickly--assuming what I'm doing is wrong, when in fact I need to be aware that things often change very slowly. And that's absolutely normal!

I like the changing line's message of rest and rejuvenation--of taking a rest and having a healthy dinner. These simple instructions can make all the difference when we don't feel well. Rest and fun can go a long way to making a person feel better.

Sending you all best wishes,

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