Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween and Happy Five Year Blogiversary

Hey Everyone,

I know I said I wouldn't be back until November, but I'm only one day off, right? I realized that today, Halloween, is my blogiversary. My five year blogiversary to be exact. I had a blog called Tarot by Celeste, which I ultimately deleted, but anyway. This one, Magic Mentha, has been up for five years today. Time flies!

So, I decided to whip out my lovely Tattered Nomad Oracle to pull some cards. I could've used the Halloween Tarot or some other spooky-ish deck, but for some reason I just wanted to use Shaheen's lovely deck. Of course, I was not quite sure what to make of the pulls I got, but I have a few ideas.

The pull on the left, with four cards, is a simple spread of two cards on the top representing current influences, and two cards on the bottom representing upcoming/near future influences. For the first card I got one of Shaheen's bonus cards, The Aura, which is about energy and the energy body, and ties (primarily energetically) that we may have to people or events. Other energy systems and concepts are highlighted, such as energy healing and the connection between body, mind and spirit. In any case, there are many possibilities for application, I suppose.

This card sits next to the Cross card, which often represents stress and suffering in some way. Guilt, grief, depression and other difficult emotions are often associated with this card. I found this top duo interesting because it does remind me of something I was reading about just a day or two ago. I was thinking how I tend to worry/obsess over people--to try to take charge of something emotionally for which I have no control (which is what worry really is--needless suffering and stress over things which may or may not be true, and the outcome of which we may have no control over), but that the ultimate thing we can do for everyone in our lives (including ourselves!) is to trust in the ability of our friends, family and others to navigate their own life, their own issues.

We cannot be so invasive and arrogant as to think we can or should do it for them. Not that we could even if we tried! I liked what the book had to say which was that when we try to rescue others or if we think they are pathetic and helpless, and we go into that mode, we're giving them the message that they cannot take care of themselves and you know better than they do how to run their lives. One of my favorite premises of Michael Neill's work and the 3 Principles is that we all have a unique source of innate wisdom, one where, when we quiet down, we are able to see the best solutions for ourselves in every given moment. We have to trust in this wisdom and use it.

So...after all that rambling...what I wanted to say is that I can stop the suffering I have around humanity in general when I cease worrying about the impact I have on others so much, or I stop worrying so much about their unique situation or journey. I can detach those energetic cords and ties and know that they are doing the best they can in every given moment, just like I am.

The bottom two cards in the quad, the Anchor and Scythe. The Anchor is frequently associated with work or things with long term security in mind. My first thought was maybe a change in my job focus, as Anchor can be associated with work. Scythe shows a swift ending, sorta like the Tower in tarot. Here's the very basic description from

Anchor + scythe (10): sudden change, discontent

I actually did a second reading (as you see in the upper right quadrant of the image), using three cards. Again I received the Cross, along with the Ring and Dog. When I saw this it seemed more like about relationships than about work. The Ring shows a commitment and Dog is often about friendship. This made me think of stress around a friendship. Or maybe feeling kinda 'bleh' about some commitment related to a friendship. I don't know! There are several possibilities, really.

Maybe the angst is more general about connections and relationships. But whatever it is, I'm just gonna leave this here and not overthink it, besides the overthinking I've already done. One thing I don't like about the Lenormand system is it feels a bit stiff and sometimes negative to me. I have to open my mind up to more flexible, neutral or positive meanings to these cards, as it can read a little harsh at times, though that may be appropriate at different points.

Sending you all best wishes for November,


  1. Hiya MM,

    I'm sorry, I realised this evening how long it's been since I dropped by here. I guess these days I follow you more on IG and FB... Still, it's good to check in here, where you express yourself in more depth, and I apologise that I haven't done. A big bit of that is not having a blog roll widget on my new blog *doh*

    Anyway, in terms of more neutral interpretations of the Lennies, the Cross can indicate a life lesson - like learning to deal with other people and their emotions and energy. I like your interpretation of the Anchor and Scythe as making a change in your work patterns :)

    Big hugs,

    1. Ah, please don't worry about it! I've been terrible about going to blogs. I apologize to you, too! I am probably doing the same--keeping up on social media but not as much on blogs. I'm going to try to get back to it, but maybe not as heavily until after the holidays. I have to say, that Cross feels a lot like the Tower--maybe there's too much fear around it. The life lesson thing makes sense. Hugs, MM