Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Manly Cat Trio: Yang Energy Sharpens My Focus

I decided to use the Tarot of Pagan Cats (Mini) again today. It's a small deck so it's good that I usually use pretty large images on my blog so that you can see the details more easily. I had to laugh a bit when I received this rather 'manly' pull of the King of Wands, King of Cups and the Hierophant. The only thing that might've been more so would be to get the Emperor or maybe the King of Pentacles instead of the King of Cups. But, I digress.

The topic I had in mind when pulling these cards is my focus and sense of direction. I feel fairly in a flow and focused in home matters (keeping the household in order--cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, errands, etc) but, I feel a bit more confused in terms of my personal focus. I think that's OK at times, though. Even so, I think it's good to give ourselves some foci and goals as long as we aren't too obsessed or fanatical about them in a negative, consuming way that detracts from our lives.

So, I guess it makes sense that I'd pull these sort of 'masculine' and 'yang' energy type cards. The King of Wands feels very self-directed to me. Maybe the message here is to allow yourself to be inspired and creative in a dynamic way. Maybe I'm not really allowing it so much. It's an energy to embody in order to maybe hang on to something that might be inspiring.

The King of Cups I often see as the artist and counselor card. This may speak to both my dynamic Aries side (King of Wands) and my intuitive side (King of Cups)...maybe marrying them in a sense. A gay marriage, obviously, since they're both guys. Hehehe. They have something to offer on both sides of the equation. Focus, drive and energy, but also intuition, creativity and compassion.

The Hierophant shows a framework and structure, perhaps. I usually see this card as relating to either a school or other institution, or place that provides a kind of foundation or other built-in sense of order or discipline. That's what is generally implied by this card. Things like schools, churches, the institution of marriage. They're structures that (hopefully) can provide a safe place to explore and to learn. I see this card a lot for teachers, too, confirming their teaching role. That may be the case for me as well, because I've still been kicking around the idea of teaching some classes again, though I am not sure of the framework/venue that I would want to do this in--and that may be where the Hierophant can help in terms of securing an appropriate place to teach.

All in all it's something to consider. I've been thinking about learning and teaching again, and honestly I don't know which capacity (either/or/both?) I want to approach things from. We're always learning--that's for sure--but I don't know if this is something more 'official' with me taking a class. This is something I will keep in mind this week as I move forward.

Love to y'all,

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