Monday, November 30, 2015

Lenormand Yes or No: Artistic Commissions

Lenormand Yes or No Answer: YES!
Update: Yes, this was absolutely true. It happened the same day I did this!

So, I felt like blogging so I decided to come back. Woohoo? Anyway! I decided to make a new blog segment called 'Lenormand Yes or No' and so here's my first post under that heading.

I asked whether I would get any more hand-painted necklace commissions before the cut-off date of December 9th. I received, as my answer, the Ship and Stars as a pair. It looked auspicious to me, but I recognize readings can be interpreted in many ways. I see Ship as something coming in. Goods, services, things arriving, people, and so forth. Stars is something destined, sometimes luck itself,  recognition, the green light in career, and other auspicious-sounding things.

If you take it super literally you may limit your interpretation--as a trip or fated meeting or something else involving an exchange or delivery. This could be a clue, as well. I may get a commission that I have to ship. Get it? I am offering free shipping in the continental U.S., so maybe this is a nod to that.

In any case, that's that for now. My goal is to update these as soon as I learn anything.

Sending y'all love,


  1. Hiya MM,
    Don't know if you saw my blog post on doing yes-no readings with the Lenormand cards? One typical suggestion is to draw three cards, and look at the colours of the playing card inserts. Black is a no, red is a yes, and then you can interpret the cards for further insights. Might make your yes-no answers clearer... ;D Though I like your interpretation about shipping, and the Stars can be about plotting a way forward...

    1. Thanks, dearie! I know there are a lot of methods for this sort of thing! I tend to go by how cards feel to me. I can usually sense a 'yes' or 'no' pretty strongly from a pair of cards. Sometimes they'll seem ambivalent but usually it's surprisingly easy to interpret. Actually, this turned out to be correct. I got a commission today! Hugs and such to you.

    2. Congrats on the commission! Cxxxx