Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Action Duo: Forward Motion

I wasn't sure if I wanted to post today or not, but I decided to go ahead and a pull a couple of cards from the Albano-Waite Mini. I love this deck for no particular reason. I guess the weird colors and the backs appeal to me. And its diminutive size, of course.

So this duo brought to mind taking action and charging forward with an idea. It carries a lot of fast, creative energy. When pulling this duo I was thinking about whether to move forward with various little ideas, as I feel sort of hesitant about a few things. I am considering changing some things up, maybe trying other things, doing something new. This seems fairly supportive of that, or maybe it's just saying I'm a hothead? In any case, there it is.



  1. Ha ha, I don't think you're a hot head. Spontaneous and creative, perhaps, but you can also be very considered and hesitant sometimes :) Glad you did make some changes and give things a go. As for "succeeding" with such things, sometimes it's a matter of plugging away at it, and then there's also the dreaded M word: marketing... ;)

    1. Yes...very true. I can actually cancel out my efforts if I'm too hesitant. I have started to just try bits of things here and there and not worry so much about what becomes of any of it. Overthinking it or forcing a fit just doesn't seem worth it! Marketing is awful..I feel like the more I market the more people run away. ahaha...

    2. Marketing is definitely a delicate balance, and if you feel bad about it, you're less likely to strike that balance comfortably. Ah, if only these things were easy!