Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Trio for 2016: A New Approach to Setting Goals

After completing a number of household chores (laundry, unloading dishes, cleaning up after breakfast, tidying up and so on) I felt a bit introspective and decided to pull out my beloved Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. I did a few pulls, and one of them was this trio you see here.

The idea behind this reading was that I felt somewhat fed up with the sort of haphazard way I've been approaching goals and goal-setting and also being somewhat tired of my same old things (art, tarot) or at least several aspects of those things. Not only that, but feeling like what I get for my troubles is often the discarded crumbs of prosperity rather than a true flow in terms of financial feedback.

I found myself feeling clingy and desperate about the relatively small amount of money I'd be receiving from the recent holiday show and sale, that is late in arriving. But, if I had been a bit more focused in terms of saving money and going after goals I really want, I wouldn't feel desperate about clutching for that little bit of money coming in. For most people, it's just chump change. But it's the largest amount of money I get at one time in a year. And it's less than $200.

I realized, when I thought of this, that I want this to change. I have this very limited view of my earning power, largely fueled by years of insecurity and the implanted notion that artists don't make money and that I'm especially bad at making it. But, I know this is a limiting belief and not a true rock wall.

What occurred to me is something that my husband has pointed out numerous times: I'm doing what I think I CAN do, not really what I want to do. This leaves a sort of open-ended discussion that's essentially up for grabs. What this inner dialogue brings up is, "What DO I really want to do, and how can I go about that in a natural way that isn't so tense and forced?" Though some things have been suggested to me, nothing really feels right to me. So, I am trying to facilitate a kind of allowing of new ideas to come into being, even if it's just within my own mind. I'm going to just throw caution to the wind and try some things that sound interesting.

That's what I see reflected in the messages of these cards. The Eye shows using intuition to focus and figure out, and Butterfly shows the flowering and improvement found in this pursuit. The Target shows the goal-setting itself, which I find to be an affirmation and confirmation of the query.

Much Love,

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