Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Creative Commission Stalemate

I love my Albano-Waite Mini. It's so darling! The colors are great, and I love how tiny it is. I have a silly obsessive with tiny tarots. Anyway! That's not really relevant to this reading, so...

I've had a number of commissions recently, and even though I am grateful for them, I've found them a bit tiring. I think I was at a stopping point and then I felt like I was pushed just a little bit beyond that and I should've stopped while I was ahead.

The weird thing is that, despite these commissions, I've actually found myself at a deficit financially! Of course, I should receive my tarot reading payment sometime in the next week or two, depending on the speed/efficiency of the people processing the payments from the holiday sale.

Anyway. I felt tired and burdened today, and it seemed like everything was going badly. I put in a lot of time and effort but it seems like it was mostly wasted. But, it's OK. I'm just trying to let it go. I've put both my tarot and art sites on holiday hiatus and it is definitely time to do so.

Much Love to Ya'll,

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