Saturday, December 19, 2015

Lenormand Yes or No: Will I Receive My Payment?

Lenormand Yes or No Answer: YES!
Update: It turns out this is true! It was just slightly delayed because the payments were not sent until Saturday, which is the day this was posted. The pay should arrive tomorrow!
Second update: It's been three weeks and it still hasn't arrived. I'm hoping the holiday post office chaos is to blame. I'll update once again if and when it arrives!
Third Update: I did, in fact, finally receive this payment after three weeks. Normally it's less than 2! I'm guessing it was a mix-up with when/how/who was sending the payment. 

Two weeks ago today I read tarot at a local holiday art show and sale, like I do every so often. Now, generally we get paid within 2 weeks of the sale, usually before that. So far I have not received payment so I was concerned about it being sent somewhere wrong or otherwise having an issue with payment. I did, however, give them my new address at least twice, so I'm hoping that helps.

I decided to employ the Lenormand yes or no query duo that I've been using periodically with very good results, and the answer looks pretty positive. We see Letter, which is often very literal, showing a letter or message being sent. This would be about right--and envelope with a check in it. This card is paired with the friendly Clover card, showing positive news and good fortune.

A common meaning on many of the Lenormand websites was lottery winnings or a raffle ticket. I think this can translate fairly well to payment from a holiday sale, don't you?

I'll be sure to update!

Much Love,

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