Friday, December 18, 2015

Seek: Time Alone Before the Holidays

Here is a card I pulled for today. This makes perfect sense to me. It's the Hermit (this deck's version) and today is, in fact, the last day of my daughter's school before winter break for three weeks. So...I am trying to spend a little time alone to regroup before all the get-togethers and whatnot commence.

However, so far today I've spent most of the day running around doing errands and generally not relaxing and rejuvenating the way I originally intended. So, I'm going to try to slow down right now, since I have about 3 hours left before my daughter will be back home, and attempt to go to that zen place I was hoping to visit.

I'm going to eat lunch at home, pop by the bank near my house, then come home and just do nothing for a couple of hours before my husband and daughter get home. Because right after that I have to hurry and cook an early dinner, then rush off to my daughter's play tonight!

Much Love,

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