Monday, December 7, 2015

Single Card Focus: New Vitality

This is the Ace of Wands from the Psychic Tarot for the Heart Deck (app). I have the physical deck as well, and it's one of the main decks I used for the readings I did this past Saturday for a local holiday art show & sale. It takes some getting used to with the strange color associations with each suit, but once you do it's really a lovable deck.

What's not to love about the card? I mean, unless you hate rainbows, but I love them. The Ace of Wands breathes fresh energy and vitality into a stale situation. I love the concept for this card. This artist really rocks and has great energy in their work. I will have to look them up and see some of their other work.

What does this card mean for me? I guess I would say that I've been feeling a bit 10 of Wands lately rather than Ace of Wands. In fact, my husband pulled a card for me the other day when I was asking about whether I'd get more commissions so I can make some money. I got the 10 of Wands, which talks about being careful not to burden yourself. He shuffled and pulled again and I received the same card. Sure enough, right after that I got a really nasty sinus pain flare-up. It got bad after I did 10 readings back to back with no break on Saturday.

Today, I'm feeling better because I did some hard-core self care on Sunday with multiple angles of neti pot rinses, immune boosting, probiotic foods and supplements, homemade broth with turmeric and garlic, and a bunch of other things. As a result, I'm feeling about 70% better. I know, though, from experience that I can easily feel worse again if I push it.

Perhaps this is a reminder to stay fresh and not overburden myself. That's my goal this week--to keep it simple, because this week is going to be rather busy, ultimately. A few social visits, a commission (my last of the year), and my daughter's birthday to plan for the Sunday, plus the school's Winter Faire on Saturday. And my parents coming back into town for a month on Saturday. I'm just going to take things one thing at a time. They are all good things, really, but I am easily worn out if I'm already feeling a bit burnt, so I have to be mindful as I finish out the year.

Hoping you all take good care of yourselves. :)


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