Sunday, December 13, 2015

Tattered Nomad Meets Tea Leaf Fortunes: Happy Birthday, Pele Rose!

I pulled out both my Tea Leaf Fortune Cards and the Tattered Nomad Oracle. I love them both! I pulled three cards from each deck. And I couldn't help but think of my daughter, Pele, whose 10th birthday is today. I'm so proud of her!

Tower-This card shows the subtitle of a solid foundation, and success with effort, which is almost the opposite of the Tower in tarot, showing instability and an unstable/rocky foundation which must change in order to pave the way for success. It has a nice, solid feel. Like an old building that stands the test of time.

Tree-This card is about family dealings. Get it? Family tree? Unlike the Lenormand, the Tower and Tree mean somewhat different things. In my opinion, better things. The Tower can mean isolation, an institution or other sort of standoffish thing in the Lenormand tradition. And the Tree can be about growth or health. In this deck it's somewhat neutral but about family.

Younger Woman-This made me think of my daughter, again, perhaps because it's her birthday today. She's definitely a young woman and not a little kid anymore. The fancy hairdo reminds me of how she fixes her hair up every single day with pony tails or braids or whatever she feels like.

Woman-Now, this I'm unsure of. It could be about me, it could be about my daughter's rapid learning and growth, as I mentioned before. It feels like feminine confidence and power, which is great!

The Umbrella-This is one of Shaheen's bonus cards. It is about things being uplifting, optimistic and easy. I love this! What a great card. Floating up, carried along by the knowing that all is well.

The Sun- Not unlike the Sun in Tarot tradition, this speaks of clarity, brightness, success and goodness. It is similar to the Umbrella in that way. It feels like a warm benefic force!

I love the growth and good energy I see in this reading. It reminds me of the love and good feelings I have for my daughter, and my belief in her abilities and well-being. She surprises me in amazing ways every single day. Happy birthday, Pele!

Much Love,

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