Monday, December 14, 2015

This Week's Foci: Love, Teach, Detach & Heal

Here is a quad of cards I pulled for this week. It's interesting to note that every single one of these is a major arcana card. Kinda neat. I don't have a specific idea of what to make of these, but it gives me themes to work with.

For the Lovers card, it made me think of today's date day with my husband. He took off from work to be home with me. Yay! I will do my best to enjoy being with him, which shouldn't be difficult.

For the Hierophant (aka Teach), we have a woman and a dog sitting in front of what looks like children. Perhaps I'll end up participating in something with the school--the nature walk or maybe the play my daughter is performing at the end of the week.

The Detach card (aka Justice) made me think of not worrying too much about any given thing. This card is one that I see with people who are feeling emotionally bogged down by the dramas of others. You have to know when to relax and look the other way. Maybe this just speaks of the holiday chaos, with family coming into town and just general business with school ending and all that.

Heal (aka Star) makes me think of doing relaxing, self-care type activities. Breaking free of any heavy shackles (great image) and allowing myself to relax, receive, rejuvenate. A good directive!

Sending you all love and warmth!


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