Thursday, December 10, 2015

Various Readings Using the Albano-Waite Mini

It's funny, because even though I did these readings (I think it was yesterday, but I'm not sure) and I photographed them, I did not remember to take specific notes on what the readings were about. However, I remember enough to piece together what the general gist of a reading is--which may be more important than being overly specific. I find that when I see the readings with fresh eyes I might see something new that I may've missed in an ironically myopic specific reading about a worrying topic. So, with that in mind. Here are the basic ideas and meanings I see:

Quadrant 1: 9 of Pentacles and 5 of Pentacles. I do strongly recall this was a financial question. So, the money-minded cards I pulled made sense. To me, this seemed to represent a choice between feeling strong, confident, financially-independent and solvent, empowered, a business woman (9 of Pentacles) or feeling very poverty-stricken, weak and battered in the realms of the financial world. I can base my worth on wealth, resources or my so-called sense of success, or I can feel good about myself regardless.

Quadrant 2: Death, Moon, 5 of Pentacles, 8 of Wands. So the 5 of Pentacles shows up again in our current events spread. Death signals the end of a cycle, things naturally changing. The Moon shows deep, subconscious patterns, some uncertainty and a need to navigate those uncertainties. Trust the process of that. Processing in general using tools like journaling. The 8 of Wands shows moving beyond things--progress, speed, communication.

Quadrant 3: Success Quad. Well, I call it that. It's showing relationships, creative choices, things culminating, celebrating successes, being independent and believing in your abilities to create in the world, and having what you want and need.

Quadrant 4: Ace of Wands and Star. This feels like a fresh start. Creative energy, hope, healing and possibility. It's OK to move on and do something new and feel good about it.
Sending you all goodness for the remainder of your week and weekend.


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