Friday, January 29, 2016

Car Accident Reading

Here are some cards I pulled last night, just to see what came up. On Sunday we got rear-ended by a lady (who happened to be very nice), and as a result my car was totaled. At the time, I didn't realize that the car was totaled--we thought it would be repaired on the lady's dime and then returned to me. But we found out shortly after dropping off my car at the auto body that we would be cut a check, a check that wouldn't cover the entire cost of getting another car, but would have to do!

I certainly can see all of these things there. The Broken Bridge and Broken Ring make me think of our original expectation of things being fixed but that not being possible due to several areas of damage plus a damaged air bag system. Even so, I am going to look on the bright side and be happier that I'll have a new car with more safety features and that things are OK in the end.

Tomorrow I go to get my new car. I don't like the process of purchasing a car--but that's ok. My main concern is that we're all alright--no one was hurt. Stay safe out there, everyone.


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Three Website Readings and Be Back in February

I won't spend eons talking about the readings you see here, but these are some examples of the sort of readings I've had around the changes I made this past week in consolidating my website into one unified whole. It's a nice feeling--and even if nothing at all comes from it (except having less websites to think about) the symbolic idea behind combining the energies of my interests feels right to me.

The Anchor card shows up in both of the Lenormand readings. The Anchor (see the Learn Lenormand website explanation above) talks about stability and long-term goals. It's something I've been wanting for a while. It isn't so much about what I'm doing exactly in any given moment, but more the feeling of settling into myself. Of feeling comfortable with who I am. For the longest time I've felt mostly nervous and insecure--like I don't have anything to offer. But the change I experienced along the way was in learning to use and appreciate the skills I have--honing them in the process. And, for years I have done creative things all the time, and it is who I am. It doesn't necessarily matter if it makes a lot of money--though that's a bonus, of course.

But rather than weigh my worth on how many things I sell, I'm choosing the path that is suited to me--and the funny thing is that that path may well change from time to time, and that's absolutely normal. To be inflexible about my ideas and goals is what got me to a place of frustration. I think we are taught that if we don't stick with a job for 30 years then we're a failure. Instead, it's helpful to stay in the present time, work on what needs to be worked on, and let go of the things that aren't 'ripe' yet. I guess ripe has a gross connotation as well as a good one-but anyway!

In the two card duo next to the owl cup we have Book and Anchor. This shows me learning and information helping me along in my path to be more self-actualized and secure within myself (while still flexible and open to creativity) while seeking out opportunities and navigating challenges.

While in the next duo to the right of the owl cup we have Anchor paired with Ring. Anchor shows strength and stability and Ring shows a commitment. So, this reflects my thoughts above about the commitment being to myself and what is correct in the moment. Commitment to that stability. I'm invested in myself!

The quad of Tea Leaf Fortune Cards again makes me think of the benefit of using your intuition to improve your situation--regardless of what it is. We're all in different scenarios, different stages, and our expression of who we are changes. Sometimes it's not what we want, and it's normal to want to improve things, and it's also helpful to remember that patience pays off, as does steady and devoted work toward what really is true for you.

Sending love--I'll be back in February, everyone!

p.s. If anyone wants to give me feedback about my new website, I'm all ears!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Beneficial Solitude and Self-Sufficiency

Here is a duo of cards I received. What this brought to mind is the beneficial energy of the Hermit. 9 is the number of the Hermit, and the 9 cards resonate with that message of doing things yourself, and the empowering aspect of that. The 9 of Pentacles is about being able to be financially flourishing and independent. I see it as the business man or woman. Often the woman, because it usually shows a woman in a garden.

Thankfully, in recent years (since my daughter began school), I've been able to have some time alone, after several years in a row of really intense caregiving due to sleep deprivation, my daughter's health issues and so forth. So, even though I used to be terrified of being alone (which I believe is what originally motivated me to not want to be without a romantic partner), and even when my husband was at work I would obsessively fear that he would die and not come back. I used to have panic attacks when he wasn't around. But what I've realized in recent years is that I really benefit from being alone, particularly when I allow the energy of solitary reflection to filter into my life.

I'm proud of myself from going from fear to empowerment. It probably took those years of really struggling with my own fears and with the intense fear that having a child with health issues brings (thank goodness she's doing so well now!) to bring me to a place where I actually welcome the solitude.

Despite this, there are days when I forget that this alone time has been helpful to me, and now feeds me in a way that makes me grow rather than shrink back into myself. In that moment I ask myself what I can do to feel better--whether it's time with family or friends, or sending out messages to loved ones, or eating well or getting some exercise, or listening to music. Whatever it is that occurs to me in the area of self-care.

Because that is what alone time is, ideally. A time to rejuvenate and engage in self-care. The form that care takes varies from moment to moment--and that's how it should be.


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Website Consolidation Reading: My Merged Selves

Yesterday I made the uncharacteristically confident decision to consolidate my art and tarot websites.  So, beginning in early February, it will just be one site:

For several years now I've lived a somewhat divided existence, feeling unsure what direction to go in, what to emphasize, whether to leave or drop something, whether to continue until I get fed carry on. I felt like I needed to merge my interests and parts of self into one unified whole. I thought I had to pick 'one thing' but I realized that, like most people, I am not 'one thing' but rather an amalgamation of a bunch of crap, and much of it not happening simultaneously.

In order to feel most connected to my creativity, I have to be open to its meandering ways, its moods, and the possibility of trying different things or moving on to new aspects of my creativity when it suits me. I think having this sort of nomadic creativity scared me for a long time, made me feel ashamed of not having 'One Thing' to do. Made me feel flaky, not dedicated. But I realized, through it all, I've been dedicated to my intuition and my creativity the entire time. It's all a part of me.

Here is the reading I did about this website consolidation (and, more generally, my own unity) and I really liked what I saw in the reading. So, let's see. Going card by card:

East: This is the card of the self, the querent. I just like that this shows that it's about me. 
Pearl: This card is about refinement, luxury, and there's something about the Pearl that always makes me think of life's irritants honing a person in a beautiful way. Whatever has lead to this has made something beautiful. Art is like that, isn't it? It isn't a perfect or smooth process, but it creates something gorgeous or interesting in the end.
Duck: Partnership. This is a lot like the 2 of Cups. My very first thought was that this represented the unification of the two websites. Two become one--and create something stronger than either one of them. That thought made me smile.
Commence: This, to me, is the 'go get 'em' card. Commence. That's basically what this card is about. It's an auspicious card for any beginning (according to the booklet), and I love the Sag-like image of the bow and arrow. It feels very focused and active. It reminds me of the 8 of Wands, but also of the importance of a goal and the energy behind that goal.
The famous quote by Goethe, or at least the extended version, comes to mind:

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.
Until one is committed there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.
Concerning all acts of initiative there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and endless plans.
That the moment one definitely commits oneself then providence moves too.
All sorts of things occur to help one that would never have otherwise occurred.
A whole stream of events issue from the decision, raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents, and meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would come his way.
Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.
Begin it now.               ---Goethe
So, there you go! I am in the process of editing the site and I even got some business cards (not a lot, but just some to start) to have for the site. For me, it's not just what might happen as a result of having this one site, but more of the symbolism of allowing myself to feel more whole.


Monday, January 11, 2016

Stag: Pride, Integrity and Leadership

Here's a card with a concept that is a little bit unfamiliar to me, but which I'd like to embody more--the concept of leadership, following the path of my highest good, holding my head high about who I am. That kind of thing. This is something I really want to embody this year. I think this is an excellent card to get right now, as I'm centering on what would be truly authentic for me. I don't want or need low self-esteem or constant questioning of every step of my life. As I get closer to 40, I want to care more about being real, being authentic, being proud of who I am, and step away from that shy, nervous, fearful, people-pleasing mode.

Sending you all goodness,

Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Moon in Capricorn Today!

Hello My Lovely Pals,

Here is a trio of cards for today. There's a New Moon in Capricorn today, and so I decided to do a little spread about it and its implications (if any) on my life. I'm going to, again, look at the meanings of each card and see what that stirs up within me.

Tortoise--Thought, Process, Longevity, Slow and Steady, Patience

Centre--Achievement, Success, Objectives, Realization of Ambitions

Jade--Worth, Perseverance, Eventual Recognition, Lasting Rewards

Well, there definitely seems to be a theme, doesn't there? Lots about hanging in there with your objectives--that even if you can't see something you're still setting the stage and making a strong foundation. The Tortoise is such an iconic symbol of longevity.

What I see in this reading is that the seeds of success have been sown (New Moon in Capricorn, where New Moon shows something new being planted and Capricorn is the sign of longevity and slow progress, not unlike the tortoise), and that patience and steadiness are needed, and that I shouldn't be discouraged because that very slow and patient progress is nothing but good because it's not a quick fix or a recipe for burnout. It's something that will be more lasting, more permanent. I want to be who I am, and that is something that is a lifelong journey. I'm not just here for a 'get rich quick scheme' or another frustrating venture that doesn't pan out and leaves me feeling annoyed after a short time. This, I believe, has been my primary issue in the past with ventures. I'm in the for the long haul!

See y'all next week and lotsa love,

Friday, January 8, 2016

My Hubby's Career Prospects in 2016

Greetings Everyone.

Since today is a day where I have a day date with my husband (the first one of the year!) I decided it would be an appropriate time to post a reading about him. I decided to pull this quad of cards about his 2016 career prospects. I know it's an issue that's frequently on his mind.

The cards and their meanings:

West: This is a card I've come to see as meaning 'a partner'...I think this is a sort of confirmation that this is a reading about my husband. It can, in addition to meaning a partner, any sort of opposition, objective or obstacles but it can simply mean another person. 'If no specific question has been asked, the West usually represents another person, and it may be that the querent is subconsciously asking on someone else's behalf.' Bingo!

Unicorn: Foresight, Honesty, Clairvoyance, Revelation, New Ideas, Future Implications

Earth: Land, Estate, Stability, Fixed Assets

Water: Correspondence, Communication, Commuting, Travel, Short Journeys

Hrm. Well, this is interesting. I think it shows the topic of the reading reflected quite well, but it doesn't really tell me anything too solid. It shows that it's about my partner (West), it shows that he's thinking of future job prospects (Unicorn+Earth), and I think it even shows his current one hour commute each way with the Water card. I wanted to get more information about this year and how realistic a job change looked so I pulled two more cards as a kind of Yes/No addendum.

Here is the response I got to the Yes/No job change prospect for my husband for this year.

Duck: Partnership, Fidelity. This card is not unlike the 2 of Cups, though generally less romantic--more generally about partnership. In a career reading, I see this as him finding beneficial contacts that could help find a job.

Toad: Healing, Over-ambition. This card is interesting--it talks about not aiming too far beyond what is reasonable or presently possible. I'm not 100% sure what to make of this--except that maybe he needs to start smaller--find some good contacts who can help him in his search and take things one step at a time. And, it seems, that the well-being of my husband is more important than ambition, overall. At least that's my take!

I would say that this shows progress but maybe not an immediate job change. I guess we'll see.

Much Love,

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Peach & Willow: Being Flexible with My Daughter

I'm really in the mood to use these cards right now, I guess!

Here is a duo I felt like posting today. Peach and Willow. Now that I've been using these cards more I'm slowly getting familiar with their meanings and themes.

In this case, we have Peach, which is a young lady. She looks kinda pouty, right? Hahaa. Seems like she'd be happy holding those peaches, but anyway.

The Willow, as I was just reading about it in the book, is about being modest and compliant in your responses--being diplomatic and flexible. You've probably heard the phrase, 'Bend but don't break'...right? Well, that's what the essence of Willow is.

Something I've been dwelling on lately is my daughter not really wanting to talk a lot to me or hug me much. She just seems very independent...sometimes to a fault. But. I also recognize this is likely a) a big part of her personality as a freedom-loving Sag and b) Yet another stage of differentiation as she makes her way in the world. She has always been intensely independent, but yet also needing love and support, like all people. So the paradox is knowing how much support to offer without being distant but also being respectful of her need for distance--even if it seems extreme to me.

The issue comes in when I take it too personally. I question myself and think, 'Did I do something wrong? Did I not facilitate bonding enough? Did I alienate her?' I've been asking myself this a lot if she seems discontented, distant or upset. This is not a healthy pattern, though. A healthier and more sustainable approach might be to occasionally ask her if there's something I can do to support her, but otherwise not brood too much about anything she says or does, unless it truly seems dangerous. Well, never to brood under any circumstances, but simply to understand that being too emotionally enmeshed with my daughter will cause more problems.

So, lately I've found it a little bit easier to distance myself emotionally from any reactions of my daughter (or anyone else for that matter), whereas before I would spend days, weeks, months or even years analyzing (and fearing) the behaviors of others. It's one of those things that seems so obvious, but is a hard habit to break. I am learning one of the four agreements more deeply--which is to take nothing too personally. I feel like, for the most part, I do a very good job as a mom, and I don't NEED to be perfect. In trying to be perfect or anticipate problems, head them off or expend too much energy worrying about various fatalistic things...I create a much larger problem. My strengths are in my intuitive and emotional connections--my compassion. Not my fear.


2016 Prospects: Saving Money and Planning Accordingly

I've really taken a liking to The Fortune Teller's Mah Jongg. Even though (quite honestly!) I don't use them the way I think I'm supposed to use them according to the book (so what's new, eh? ;)) I think that they read really well and are fun to use.  I am slowly learning their meanings, although it is still new to me as a system. But that is often good because I don't let that stop me from doing a reading with them. If we feel intimidating by a divination system we may avoid it, but I don't mind bending some rules when it comes to oracles.

Looking upon the six cards I chose to represent the current energy and prospects for 2016, I didn't have a very strong impression (yet), except for the directional and elemental cards (two Earths, one Water, etc) and the young woman represented in Pearl. I did note the synchronicity of the number 10 in the Pearl card, since my daughter is 10. But really, I realized a bit later than I was getting the Pearl and Peach cards mixed up--since the Peach card is more a card of a young woman and the Pearl card is more of a card of initial financial success. Even so, I like to take my first impression into account!

Looking at the themes and key words one by one:

Earth: Land, Estate, Stability, Resources
Pearl: Gain, Refinement, Wealth, Eventual Success
Water: Correspondence, Travel, Communication, Short Journeys
North: Distress, Poverty, Winter, Drain on Resources
Dragon: Luck, Fortune, Windfall, Rashness

So. Interesting. There are always different ways to interpret cards. I try to not complicate things too much and to leave room for later re-interpretation. What I see in these cards, primarily, is the careful marshaling of resources. We're trying to set things up better financially this year, hence the strong Earth emphasis, and the mention of Pearl. North shows how things usually are--tight, with our resources easily drained with things like bills and travel. Hence, why we rarely travel. We are exploring the possibility of travel this year, but even if someone else paid for the travel (like my parents) we still somehow end up incurring expenses from it. So we have to decide if it is too much of a drain on our physical and emotional resources, or if it's something we're able to do.

Ultimately, we usually decide to stay nearby because we'd rather keep the money we have to use on expenses than to drain every extra cent by doing things or buying things. There are several things we haven't done for quite a while (such as dental and eye doc visits--except for Pele, who has gone) because we needed to allocate money to use on other things.

This goes well with discussions I've been having with my hubby about making savings accounts for recurring yearly payments we need to make for various things--and money we want to set aside for summer expenses for any activities and little classes we can put Pele in. I think once we get more accustomed to learning to save and move money around then we'll find more solutions to allay some of the same problems we keep having financially.

Much Love,

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Double Mushroom: Synchronicity in Action

Here is a fun example of synchronicity.

Yesterday I was reading in the evening and I randomly turned to a page in the book which talked about carbs and sugar addiction, and the importance of keeping your sugar/carb intake at a lower level to avoid blood sugar issues (which come with a host of other problems) and also weight issues. This is something I know and understand from a lot of research and personal experience, but which I still struggle with. Like most people, I love sweets, breads and the like. Even when I'm trying to be lower carb. I am always gluten-free and try to be lower carb, but I find myself gravitating towards sweets, and I do know my triggers now. It's just a matter of being mindful of them. We don't always realize when we down a sweet drink, alcohol, bread, starch, fries, grains/cereal, crackers or other sweet treat that we may be unwittingly contributing to a problem.

In any case, after looking through this chapter in the book I was reading, the next morning I met with a lovely friend of mine. I was good about not eating sweets--I had unsweetened drinks and even opted for veggies and hummus instead of any kind of bready/sweet treat. But then, afterward, I found myself eating a gluten and dairy-free cupcake from the store on a run before going home. I had been doing well and then dove into the quick energy fix because I was tired and susceptible. Now, I think this is OK occasionally but I think the problem comes in when we do it daily--as a kind of unconscious habit.

Just as I was finishing my cupcake I turned on the radio show I like to listen to and there was a show about comfort eating and the neurological triggers and all that. Hah! Then, right after that show was a fermented/probiotics food show on how to get rid of candida by adding a ton of cultured foods to your diet and eliminating as many sources of extra carbs to the diet. She said she got the best results from ADDING probiotic foods every day in decent quantity, and said that the anti-fungal herbal and other remedies were not effective but the adding of probiotic foods was. She mentioned a symptom that she struggled with due to the Candida--sinus issues--something I struggle with myself. And in my own extensive reading on the topic, I've also seen the references to fungal issues being one of the most common triggers for sinus issues.

In any case, at this point I'm noticing the synchronicity. But there was another one to come! After I got back from visiting with my friend and scarfing down the cupcake, I was in line drinking my kombucha (after downing some fermented veggies and a dose of probiotic capsules) when I decided to get out The Fortune Teller's Mah Jongg that I had with me in the car and do a reading on the yeast/candida issue. I wasn't sure how it would go but I thought I'd see what came up. Before I pulled the cards I had a visual in my mind of the mushroom card which I knew was in the deck. I thought, 'It would be an interesting thing if I got the Mushroom card, since it would be a direct confirmation of the yeast/fungus theme.'

So...I pulled the first card and it was...Mushroom. I thought that was pretty cool but I decided to pull a second card. It was...Mushroom! Hahaa. There are duplicates in this deck of 144 cards. But I was still rather impressed that I'd managed to somehow get two mushroom cards.

In any case, balance is the key. I will add more and more probiotic foods to my diet while slowly withdrawing some of the carby options. I'll still have an occasional treat, but I want it to actually be a treat that happens on rare and special occasions, rather than a sugary fix.


Wordless Wednesday: Awesome Power

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hope in Every Circumstance

When I pulled this duo I was thinking about how I felt 'blah' about my husband working longer days this month. Just by a couple of hours, but how that impacts our lives and makes everything seem rushed and that we just don't have as much time together.

But then I thought about what my husband said to me about this circumstance. In order to make things work financially, this late month working (which happens every third month) allows him to make extra money to cover his car payment so it doesn't impact us negatively for the remainder of the year. By going in an hour or two early every day this month, he makes up the money for the car payment until we can pay it more easily.

That's what I see reflected in these cards. Even though specific circumstances may annoy us, disappoint us or even downright upset us, they can have a helpful purpose that makes them somehow worthwhile. And, if they really aren't worthwhile, then at that point we can decide to leave them behind!

Much Love,

Monday, January 4, 2016

Patience & Harmony: Ingredients for Success

Here's a duo for ye. I don't know what they refer to, but hey...good advice for pretty much anything.

Here's my first thought. The little girl pouting in the first card makes me think of my daughter and how she can be a little bit high maintenance at times (yet, very imaginative and cool on the other hand) and that sometimes in order to achieve harmony I have to be VERY patient with her and allow things to sort of be a bit bumpy now and again. Such is parenthood, right?

Today is the last day of winter break for my daughter. She goes back to school tomorrow so I'll try to make the best of today and enjoy my time with her, even if it's far from perfect!

Much Love,

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Awakening: Literal and Otherwise

Once again, this morning I consulted my Vintage Wisdom Oracle, and pulled a single card for my day. I received Awakening, which I found humorous. The reason this struck me as funny is that, as of this morning, I set my alarm again for an earlier time, in order to get accustomed to being up and out of bed earlier after the holidays have ended and my daughter goes back to school. So, you can understand why that was my first thought when I saw this card. But I LOVE the less literal interpretation, and the description in the book is really memorable. A quote:

"This auspicious card speaks of new light on your pathway. The process of awakening can take many forms, whether subtle like the soft dawn of a new day, or challenging, as when the searing blade of truth is needed to sever ties that no longer serve you well."

A pretty apt message for the beginning of a new year, right? Wishing you all awakenings, preferably in their most positive form. I want to minimize the rude awakenings, as honest as they may be!

Much Love,

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Listening & Expression: Turning the Dial on Life's Radio Station

My hubby purchased the Vintage Wisdom Oracle for me from Amazon. It was only $16, and I really appreciate the aesthetic of this deck, plus its simple and easy-to-use themes.  You don't need a book or any kind of intuitive training to use this deck, although I think Victoria did a great job with the book.  So, anyway! On to the reading...

I pulled this duo today as a simple pair to focus my thoughts for this new year. I was thinking about how blah I've been feeling about a lot of things--one of them being social media. I went on a Facebook hiatus for the last couple of weeks of 2015, save a couple times popping on and briefly being on Messenger to talk to a friend. I noticed that my energy was far less scattered when I was off of Facebook most of the time.  Being fairly sensitive and empathic, I felt myself being pulled in to stories of all kinds. Neutral, negative and positive alike. I could get sucked in for hours at a time some days, though it was usually intermittent. But even with the intermittent checking, my energy always lingered on one story or another--and not enough energy put into what I wanted to focus on.

At first it was weird not checking in on Facebook at all. But then I began to see what a waste of time it was. I feel of two minds about this. On the one hand, I like keeping up with my friends and family there. I post pictures of my daughter and whatever I'm up to, what I'm making, that sort of thing. But there's the other side of the coin where I feel obligated to comment on every post of every friend, because I don't want to leave anyone out. After doing that day after day I see that my energy becomes quickly drained. I went back to Facebook the past couple of days and I can tell you I noticed the energy dip right away.

What I may end up doing is to do a modified Facebook presence--where I still post images of my daughter and what I'm doing on occasion, but that I don't allow Facebook to dominate in any way. I post things when I want to and leave the obligatory stuff behind. I don't have to expend every ounce of energy on keeping up with everything on there. Like blogs, I find that when I try to keep up with all of them I just can't. I check in occasionally when it feels right and that is much less taxing.

So, the two themes of Listening and Expression feel good as foci here. Listening asks me if I am tuning in to myself, hearing what I need to hear. I mentioned the metaphor of a radio because I can always change the channel and listen to something new. There's a really good quote in the book:

"In this modern age, more and more emphasis is placed on the role of speaking out, but few people take the time to truly give of themselves by practicing the forgotten art of listening to one another. The deeper implication means we have forgotten how to listen to ourselves, the wisdom which comes from our heart and our connection to nature."

I think this is a great message that directly relates to social media--how there's a lot of information but not much connection and listening. We can't absorb it all, and sometimes we lose sight of each other and, in the process, ourselves.

I think the follow-up card of Expression is lovely. In listening and quieting down, we can hear the fluid voice of creativity. This card talks about expression of all sorts. Not just verbal communication, but creative communication, and any way we consider expression---physical movement, the way we dress, anything that expresses who we are. I think the themes of Listening and Expression go well together, and highlight some things I've been thinking about lately.

Much Love,

Friday, January 1, 2016

January 2016: A Cautionary but (Mostly) Happy Tale

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

As we enter into a new year, I want to wish you all well in dealing with your respective lives and goals, loves and ventures. Everything that's important and wonderful to you...I hope will prosper.

As for me, I decided to pull some cards using my cutesy mini Albano-Waite to represent some advice for January of this new year.  Now, as usual, half the reason I keep this blog is to have a visual and written record of many of the readings I do for myself, so I can look back and revisit possible meanings and themes in those readings. This is often easier to do after the fact once events have passed.

The very first card I received in this pull was the 10 of Wands, which shows me that, right off the bat, I need to be mindful of not overextending my energy. This is the card of burnout--and this can manifest in different ways. Either not having enough energy and trying to do too many things, or carrying something on for far too long, beyond its energetic expiration date.  

Moving on to card number two we have the World, which is another ending type of card--showing something reaching a zenith. The World is the final card in the major arcana, as most of you know, and represents something being wrapped up. Surely, the year 2015 was recently wrapped up, and as we step forward into this year it isn't a bad idea to acknowledge what we've accomplished and in what ways we've held out and done well. If we don't appreciate what we've done then we miss out on seeing who we're becoming and that things do change when we put energy into them.

I also see the World as being...well, worldly, and representing both accomplishment and, potentially, travel. This may be more of a theme this year if we are able to go ahead with our plans to travel a bit more than usual (which is pretty much not at all most years). Of course, when I travel I won't be naked like the lady in the card. I can guarantee that!

The third card in the line-up is the Ace of Swords, a card of fresh thought, clarity and ideas being born in the world. I think this is a good card to have with the 10 of Wands. If we can clarify what we want and need, we will be less likely to linger in unpleasant situations or waste our energy in fruitless pursuits.  I call this the 'cutting through the BS' card. It makes things simpler.

The fourth card is the 3 of Cups, a card of connection, friendship, gatherings and the like. Since I'm not a group person, this card can make me a little nervous. But, I've learned it's rarely a bad thing, especially when I have my priorities straight and I don't spread myself too thin or say yes to things I don't want to do. Most frequently, this card shows up when connecting with women--my sisters, mom or female friends in particular.  I do value my female connections, especially when I can balance them with recharge time (going back to the 10 of Wands and its cautionary message!) alone. 

Finally, wrapping up this overly-long reading, we have the Temperance card, overlooking the entire reading. This lends another gently cautious voice in the reading--saying that as long as I strive for balance in my life I will be good. A little of this, a little of that---attention spread in a way that is nourishing to the garden of my life will yield the best results.

With love for y'all in 2016,