Thursday, January 7, 2016

2016 Prospects: Saving Money and Planning Accordingly

I've really taken a liking to The Fortune Teller's Mah Jongg. Even though (quite honestly!) I don't use them the way I think I'm supposed to use them according to the book (so what's new, eh? ;)) I think that they read really well and are fun to use.  I am slowly learning their meanings, although it is still new to me as a system. But that is often good because I don't let that stop me from doing a reading with them. If we feel intimidating by a divination system we may avoid it, but I don't mind bending some rules when it comes to oracles.

Looking upon the six cards I chose to represent the current energy and prospects for 2016, I didn't have a very strong impression (yet), except for the directional and elemental cards (two Earths, one Water, etc) and the young woman represented in Pearl. I did note the synchronicity of the number 10 in the Pearl card, since my daughter is 10. But really, I realized a bit later than I was getting the Pearl and Peach cards mixed up--since the Peach card is more a card of a young woman and the Pearl card is more of a card of initial financial success. Even so, I like to take my first impression into account!

Looking at the themes and key words one by one:

Earth: Land, Estate, Stability, Resources
Pearl: Gain, Refinement, Wealth, Eventual Success
Water: Correspondence, Travel, Communication, Short Journeys
North: Distress, Poverty, Winter, Drain on Resources
Dragon: Luck, Fortune, Windfall, Rashness

So. Interesting. There are always different ways to interpret cards. I try to not complicate things too much and to leave room for later re-interpretation. What I see in these cards, primarily, is the careful marshaling of resources. We're trying to set things up better financially this year, hence the strong Earth emphasis, and the mention of Pearl. North shows how things usually are--tight, with our resources easily drained with things like bills and travel. Hence, why we rarely travel. We are exploring the possibility of travel this year, but even if someone else paid for the travel (like my parents) we still somehow end up incurring expenses from it. So we have to decide if it is too much of a drain on our physical and emotional resources, or if it's something we're able to do.

Ultimately, we usually decide to stay nearby because we'd rather keep the money we have to use on expenses than to drain every extra cent by doing things or buying things. There are several things we haven't done for quite a while (such as dental and eye doc visits--except for Pele, who has gone) because we needed to allocate money to use on other things.

This goes well with discussions I've been having with my hubby about making savings accounts for recurring yearly payments we need to make for various things--and money we want to set aside for summer expenses for any activities and little classes we can put Pele in. I think once we get more accustomed to learning to save and move money around then we'll find more solutions to allay some of the same problems we keep having financially.

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