Sunday, January 3, 2016

Awakening: Literal and Otherwise

Once again, this morning I consulted my Vintage Wisdom Oracle, and pulled a single card for my day. I received Awakening, which I found humorous. The reason this struck me as funny is that, as of this morning, I set my alarm again for an earlier time, in order to get accustomed to being up and out of bed earlier after the holidays have ended and my daughter goes back to school. So, you can understand why that was my first thought when I saw this card. But I LOVE the less literal interpretation, and the description in the book is really memorable. A quote:

"This auspicious card speaks of new light on your pathway. The process of awakening can take many forms, whether subtle like the soft dawn of a new day, or challenging, as when the searing blade of truth is needed to sever ties that no longer serve you well."

A pretty apt message for the beginning of a new year, right? Wishing you all awakenings, preferably in their most positive form. I want to minimize the rude awakenings, as honest as they may be!

Much Love,


  1. May we all awaken to a more joyful year, no matter what time it is ;)