Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Double Mushroom: Synchronicity in Action

Here is a fun example of synchronicity.

Yesterday I was reading in the evening and I randomly turned to a page in the book which talked about carbs and sugar addiction, and the importance of keeping your sugar/carb intake at a lower level to avoid blood sugar issues (which come with a host of other problems) and also weight issues. This is something I know and understand from a lot of research and personal experience, but which I still struggle with. Like most people, I love sweets, breads and the like. Even when I'm trying to be lower carb. I am always gluten-free and try to be lower carb, but I find myself gravitating towards sweets, and I do know my triggers now. It's just a matter of being mindful of them. We don't always realize when we down a sweet drink, alcohol, bread, starch, fries, grains/cereal, crackers or other sweet treat that we may be unwittingly contributing to a problem.

In any case, after looking through this chapter in the book I was reading, the next morning I met with a lovely friend of mine. I was good about not eating sweets--I had unsweetened drinks and even opted for veggies and hummus instead of any kind of bready/sweet treat. But then, afterward, I found myself eating a gluten and dairy-free cupcake from the store on a run before going home. I had been doing well and then dove into the quick energy fix because I was tired and susceptible. Now, I think this is OK occasionally but I think the problem comes in when we do it daily--as a kind of unconscious habit.

Just as I was finishing my cupcake I turned on the radio show I like to listen to and there was a show about comfort eating and the neurological triggers and all that. Hah! Then, right after that show was a fermented/probiotics food show on how to get rid of candida by adding a ton of cultured foods to your diet and eliminating as many sources of extra carbs to the diet. She said she got the best results from ADDING probiotic foods every day in decent quantity, and said that the anti-fungal herbal and other remedies were not effective but the adding of probiotic foods was. She mentioned a symptom that she struggled with due to the Candida--sinus issues--something I struggle with myself. And in my own extensive reading on the topic, I've also seen the references to fungal issues being one of the most common triggers for sinus issues.

In any case, at this point I'm noticing the synchronicity. But there was another one to come! After I got back from visiting with my friend and scarfing down the cupcake, I was in line drinking my kombucha (after downing some fermented veggies and a dose of probiotic capsules) when I decided to get out The Fortune Teller's Mah Jongg that I had with me in the car and do a reading on the yeast/candida issue. I wasn't sure how it would go but I thought I'd see what came up. Before I pulled the cards I had a visual in my mind of the mushroom card which I knew was in the deck. I thought, 'It would be an interesting thing if I got the Mushroom card, since it would be a direct confirmation of the yeast/fungus theme.'

So...I pulled the first card and it was...Mushroom. I thought that was pretty cool but I decided to pull a second card. It was...Mushroom! Hahaa. There are duplicates in this deck of 144 cards. But I was still rather impressed that I'd managed to somehow get two mushroom cards.

In any case, balance is the key. I will add more and more probiotic foods to my diet while slowly withdrawing some of the carby options. I'll still have an occasional treat, but I want it to actually be a treat that happens on rare and special occasions, rather than a sugary fix.


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