Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hope in Every Circumstance

When I pulled this duo I was thinking about how I felt 'blah' about my husband working longer days this month. Just by a couple of hours, but how that impacts our lives and makes everything seem rushed and that we just don't have as much time together.

But then I thought about what my husband said to me about this circumstance. In order to make things work financially, this late month working (which happens every third month) allows him to make extra money to cover his car payment so it doesn't impact us negatively for the remainder of the year. By going in an hour or two early every day this month, he makes up the money for the car payment until we can pay it more easily.

That's what I see reflected in these cards. Even though specific circumstances may annoy us, disappoint us or even downright upset us, they can have a helpful purpose that makes them somehow worthwhile. And, if they really aren't worthwhile, then at that point we can decide to leave them behind!

Much Love,

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