Friday, January 1, 2016

January 2016: A Cautionary but (Mostly) Happy Tale

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

As we enter into a new year, I want to wish you all well in dealing with your respective lives and goals, loves and ventures. Everything that's important and wonderful to you...I hope will prosper.

As for me, I decided to pull some cards using my cutesy mini Albano-Waite to represent some advice for January of this new year.  Now, as usual, half the reason I keep this blog is to have a visual and written record of many of the readings I do for myself, so I can look back and revisit possible meanings and themes in those readings. This is often easier to do after the fact once events have passed.

The very first card I received in this pull was the 10 of Wands, which shows me that, right off the bat, I need to be mindful of not overextending my energy. This is the card of burnout--and this can manifest in different ways. Either not having enough energy and trying to do too many things, or carrying something on for far too long, beyond its energetic expiration date.  

Moving on to card number two we have the World, which is another ending type of card--showing something reaching a zenith. The World is the final card in the major arcana, as most of you know, and represents something being wrapped up. Surely, the year 2015 was recently wrapped up, and as we step forward into this year it isn't a bad idea to acknowledge what we've accomplished and in what ways we've held out and done well. If we don't appreciate what we've done then we miss out on seeing who we're becoming and that things do change when we put energy into them.

I also see the World as being...well, worldly, and representing both accomplishment and, potentially, travel. This may be more of a theme this year if we are able to go ahead with our plans to travel a bit more than usual (which is pretty much not at all most years). Of course, when I travel I won't be naked like the lady in the card. I can guarantee that!

The third card in the line-up is the Ace of Swords, a card of fresh thought, clarity and ideas being born in the world. I think this is a good card to have with the 10 of Wands. If we can clarify what we want and need, we will be less likely to linger in unpleasant situations or waste our energy in fruitless pursuits.  I call this the 'cutting through the BS' card. It makes things simpler.

The fourth card is the 3 of Cups, a card of connection, friendship, gatherings and the like. Since I'm not a group person, this card can make me a little nervous. But, I've learned it's rarely a bad thing, especially when I have my priorities straight and I don't spread myself too thin or say yes to things I don't want to do. Most frequently, this card shows up when connecting with women--my sisters, mom or female friends in particular.  I do value my female connections, especially when I can balance them with recharge time (going back to the 10 of Wands and its cautionary message!) alone. 

Finally, wrapping up this overly-long reading, we have the Temperance card, overlooking the entire reading. This lends another gently cautious voice in the reading--saying that as long as I strive for balance in my life I will be good. A little of this, a little of that---attention spread in a way that is nourishing to the garden of my life will yield the best results.

With love for y'all in 2016,

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