Saturday, January 2, 2016

Listening & Expression: Turning the Dial on Life's Radio Station

My hubby purchased the Vintage Wisdom Oracle for me from Amazon. It was only $16, and I really appreciate the aesthetic of this deck, plus its simple and easy-to-use themes.  You don't need a book or any kind of intuitive training to use this deck, although I think Victoria did a great job with the book.  So, anyway! On to the reading...

I pulled this duo today as a simple pair to focus my thoughts for this new year. I was thinking about how blah I've been feeling about a lot of things--one of them being social media. I went on a Facebook hiatus for the last couple of weeks of 2015, save a couple times popping on and briefly being on Messenger to talk to a friend. I noticed that my energy was far less scattered when I was off of Facebook most of the time.  Being fairly sensitive and empathic, I felt myself being pulled in to stories of all kinds. Neutral, negative and positive alike. I could get sucked in for hours at a time some days, though it was usually intermittent. But even with the intermittent checking, my energy always lingered on one story or another--and not enough energy put into what I wanted to focus on.

At first it was weird not checking in on Facebook at all. But then I began to see what a waste of time it was. I feel of two minds about this. On the one hand, I like keeping up with my friends and family there. I post pictures of my daughter and whatever I'm up to, what I'm making, that sort of thing. But there's the other side of the coin where I feel obligated to comment on every post of every friend, because I don't want to leave anyone out. After doing that day after day I see that my energy becomes quickly drained. I went back to Facebook the past couple of days and I can tell you I noticed the energy dip right away.

What I may end up doing is to do a modified Facebook presence--where I still post images of my daughter and what I'm doing on occasion, but that I don't allow Facebook to dominate in any way. I post things when I want to and leave the obligatory stuff behind. I don't have to expend every ounce of energy on keeping up with everything on there. Like blogs, I find that when I try to keep up with all of them I just can't. I check in occasionally when it feels right and that is much less taxing.

So, the two themes of Listening and Expression feel good as foci here. Listening asks me if I am tuning in to myself, hearing what I need to hear. I mentioned the metaphor of a radio because I can always change the channel and listen to something new. There's a really good quote in the book:

"In this modern age, more and more emphasis is placed on the role of speaking out, but few people take the time to truly give of themselves by practicing the forgotten art of listening to one another. The deeper implication means we have forgotten how to listen to ourselves, the wisdom which comes from our heart and our connection to nature."

I think this is a great message that directly relates to social media--how there's a lot of information but not much connection and listening. We can't absorb it all, and sometimes we lose sight of each other and, in the process, ourselves.

I think the follow-up card of Expression is lovely. In listening and quieting down, we can hear the fluid voice of creativity. This card talks about expression of all sorts. Not just verbal communication, but creative communication, and any way we consider expression---physical movement, the way we dress, anything that expresses who we are. I think the themes of Listening and Expression go well together, and highlight some things I've been thinking about lately.

Much Love,

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