Friday, January 8, 2016

My Hubby's Career Prospects in 2016

Greetings Everyone.

Since today is a day where I have a day date with my husband (the first one of the year!) I decided it would be an appropriate time to post a reading about him. I decided to pull this quad of cards about his 2016 career prospects. I know it's an issue that's frequently on his mind.

The cards and their meanings:

West: This is a card I've come to see as meaning 'a partner'...I think this is a sort of confirmation that this is a reading about my husband. It can, in addition to meaning a partner, any sort of opposition, objective or obstacles but it can simply mean another person. 'If no specific question has been asked, the West usually represents another person, and it may be that the querent is subconsciously asking on someone else's behalf.' Bingo!

Unicorn: Foresight, Honesty, Clairvoyance, Revelation, New Ideas, Future Implications

Earth: Land, Estate, Stability, Fixed Assets

Water: Correspondence, Communication, Commuting, Travel, Short Journeys

Hrm. Well, this is interesting. I think it shows the topic of the reading reflected quite well, but it doesn't really tell me anything too solid. It shows that it's about my partner (West), it shows that he's thinking of future job prospects (Unicorn+Earth), and I think it even shows his current one hour commute each way with the Water card. I wanted to get more information about this year and how realistic a job change looked so I pulled two more cards as a kind of Yes/No addendum.

Here is the response I got to the Yes/No job change prospect for my husband for this year.

Duck: Partnership, Fidelity. This card is not unlike the 2 of Cups, though generally less romantic--more generally about partnership. In a career reading, I see this as him finding beneficial contacts that could help find a job.

Toad: Healing, Over-ambition. This card is interesting--it talks about not aiming too far beyond what is reasonable or presently possible. I'm not 100% sure what to make of this--except that maybe he needs to start smaller--find some good contacts who can help him in his search and take things one step at a time. And, it seems, that the well-being of my husband is more important than ambition, overall. At least that's my take!

I would say that this shows progress but maybe not an immediate job change. I guess we'll see.

Much Love,

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