Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Moon in Capricorn Today!

Hello My Lovely Pals,

Here is a trio of cards for today. There's a New Moon in Capricorn today, and so I decided to do a little spread about it and its implications (if any) on my life. I'm going to, again, look at the meanings of each card and see what that stirs up within me.

Tortoise--Thought, Process, Longevity, Slow and Steady, Patience

Centre--Achievement, Success, Objectives, Realization of Ambitions

Jade--Worth, Perseverance, Eventual Recognition, Lasting Rewards

Well, there definitely seems to be a theme, doesn't there? Lots about hanging in there with your objectives--that even if you can't see something you're still setting the stage and making a strong foundation. The Tortoise is such an iconic symbol of longevity.

What I see in this reading is that the seeds of success have been sown (New Moon in Capricorn, where New Moon shows something new being planted and Capricorn is the sign of longevity and slow progress, not unlike the tortoise), and that patience and steadiness are needed, and that I shouldn't be discouraged because that very slow and patient progress is nothing but good because it's not a quick fix or a recipe for burnout. It's something that will be more lasting, more permanent. I want to be who I am, and that is something that is a lifelong journey. I'm not just here for a 'get rich quick scheme' or another frustrating venture that doesn't pan out and leaves me feeling annoyed after a short time. This, I believe, has been my primary issue in the past with ventures. I'm in the for the long haul!

See y'all next week and lotsa love,

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