Sunday, January 17, 2016

Three Website Readings and Be Back in February

I won't spend eons talking about the readings you see here, but these are some examples of the sort of readings I've had around the changes I made this past week in consolidating my website into one unified whole. It's a nice feeling--and even if nothing at all comes from it (except having less websites to think about) the symbolic idea behind combining the energies of my interests feels right to me.

The Anchor card shows up in both of the Lenormand readings. The Anchor (see the Learn Lenormand website explanation above) talks about stability and long-term goals. It's something I've been wanting for a while. It isn't so much about what I'm doing exactly in any given moment, but more the feeling of settling into myself. Of feeling comfortable with who I am. For the longest time I've felt mostly nervous and insecure--like I don't have anything to offer. But the change I experienced along the way was in learning to use and appreciate the skills I have--honing them in the process. And, for years I have done creative things all the time, and it is who I am. It doesn't necessarily matter if it makes a lot of money--though that's a bonus, of course.

But rather than weigh my worth on how many things I sell, I'm choosing the path that is suited to me--and the funny thing is that that path may well change from time to time, and that's absolutely normal. To be inflexible about my ideas and goals is what got me to a place of frustration. I think we are taught that if we don't stick with a job for 30 years then we're a failure. Instead, it's helpful to stay in the present time, work on what needs to be worked on, and let go of the things that aren't 'ripe' yet. I guess ripe has a gross connotation as well as a good one-but anyway!

In the two card duo next to the owl cup we have Book and Anchor. This shows me learning and information helping me along in my path to be more self-actualized and secure within myself (while still flexible and open to creativity) while seeking out opportunities and navigating challenges.

While in the next duo to the right of the owl cup we have Anchor paired with Ring. Anchor shows strength and stability and Ring shows a commitment. So, this reflects my thoughts above about the commitment being to myself and what is correct in the moment. Commitment to that stability. I'm invested in myself!

The quad of Tea Leaf Fortune Cards again makes me think of the benefit of using your intuition to improve your situation--regardless of what it is. We're all in different scenarios, different stages, and our expression of who we are changes. Sometimes it's not what we want, and it's normal to want to improve things, and it's also helpful to remember that patience pays off, as does steady and devoted work toward what really is true for you.

Sending love--I'll be back in February, everyone!

p.s. If anyone wants to give me feedback about my new website, I'm all ears!