Friday, April 1, 2016

A Friday Duo: Problem Solving

It's the first day of April, otherwise known as April Fool's Day. I admit it...I am not much of a prankster. But, I can admire people who feel comfortable pranking others. I probably am not the best sport in terms of being the recipient of pranks...but anyway!

I feel like the month of March flew by without much explanation--I guess--except for the trip we took in the middle of it. I've just felt like time has flown by every day. I feel a little frantic and overtired, like my hormones and adrenals are struggling to keep up. I'm not a bad mood, per se, but I just feel a little off kilter, which I think happens a lot to most of us.

Because I still find longer readings overwhelming, I decided to simply pull two cards. The first card is the Inkpot card, showing something needing to be worked out in some way. The Ladder card as the other card shows that success, and those improvements can occur. There seems to be the implication here that it will require work. There's a single card pull that I lazily didn't photograph that happened right before this--it was Table--the card indicating hard work.

So, there's a sense of improvement through good, old fashioned hard work, or simply putting energy into something. Not to the point of burnout, which will have the opposite effect that is desired. I think this is a kind of pat on the back, or maybe a shove forward, a call to keep moving forward.



  1. Good to see you are posting again Mentha :) I feel the same about March - where did it go?!! I've been busy with my last astrology course, and decided to take a break this semester from studying so I can do a bit more Tarot work and the like. I think it will take me about 4 years of studying through Kepler college to finally complete my astrology course, but never mind - it's great to be a student again :) Anyway. Hope you are catching up on some rest time. I find nettle and oat straw infusions are great tonics to invigorate one's body.

    1. Well, hello Marvelous Monica! So good to hear from you. Haha! Thanks a bunch for caring about my absence. Hehee. I was wondering if anyone noticed?!! But anyway. I really admire your student tendencies--I have vague aspirations of studying astrology, herbalism and the like, but I never seem to feel motivated to pursue them. I'm super impressed. When you finished I want to buy a chart interpretation from you. I know a BIT about astrology but I'm definitely not an expert---I've no attention span for all the transits and mathematics involved. Big hugs and hope you and the baby and such are doing well. :D Wait a minute--how big is that kid now?!!!!

  2. He he :) well I actually tried to view your site about a week (or maybe 2?) ago, and the link said the blog was private viewing, but there was no contact email given to request a subscription... anyway I did what I usually do an left it all to correct itself ha ha :) I am actually offering written chart reports at the moment, but I have a backlog and probably won't be able to do a new one until mid May. I don't have a lot to do, but my time for doing them is severely limited as the little imp is 9 months and having a crawling frenzy :)

    Anyway, great to see you back in full colour ha ha :)

    1. Ha! Yes, I was rather sudden and sneaky about that, I guess! I just couldn't decide what I wanted to do and, for some reason, wanted to be invisible for a bit. But, ultimately, I decided I'd rather be visible. Hee. I love your leaving things to correct themselves. That's a new hobby of mine! :D Ahh, yes, well, maybe when the imp is a little older I'll purchase a reading. I know what you mean--I remember how consuming that age was for my daughter. Hugs and thank you!