Monday, April 18, 2016

The Answer Deck's Riddle: Greed, Wealth & Reconciling All That

I got out The Answer Deck today, that diminutive little gem of a deck that can really pack a wallop. Sometimes this deck is a bit too intense for me, which kinda proved to be true today when I was reading with it, but I still love it nonetheless. In some ways, this reminds me of another of my favorite decks: The Tea Leaf Fortune Cards.

This reading was interesting to me, though its true meaning is sort of unclear to me. On either side of the reading we have Greed and Wealth--two cards which would definitely make sense to see together. With one often comes the other--due to human nature. The woman in the reading--does she reconcile the two? A desire for money and not wanting to be greedy? Or is reconciliation referring to something entirely different? I will definitely try to keep these concepts in mind this week.


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