Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Therapeutic Benefit of Opening Up

Here is a very vivid duo from the Psychic Tarot for the Heart (app) that I pulled. I got the 3 of Swords a couple of times yesterday and I kept thinking, 'Ick, ick, thanks.' But when I saw this duo I saw in it a gem of a recommendation. And that is, that if you feel sad, tired, isolated or otherwise constricted into a ball energy-wise (see the figure in the 3 of Swords), then the solution is to open up. I love how this is illustrated in both of the cards. The arms spread open, things flowing again. As I was saying to a friend of mine today who I met with--sometimes, even though sadness makes us want to isolate ourselves, we are better off opening up, whether it's to another person, or to a journal, counselor or other outlet. Keeping energy tightly closed down is a sure fire recipe for feeling unwell.

I've noticed, lately, that I feel (somewhat inexplicably) tired, drained and overwhelmed. I mean, I can point to mundane day-to-day reasons why, but I think the underlying reason is that I have not really  been paying attention to what needs nurturing. I am somewhat going through the motions with most things. I'm not taking many emotional risks or really seeking out my heart's desire. When I find myself feeling sad, blah or otherwise flat-lined about things, I think opening up possibilities and seeing what else I can bring in is a great idea. I am going to work on this instead of ignoring my physical and emotional cues that I am not really functioning as well as I want to be.


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