Monday, June 27, 2016

One Sentence Oracle Reading: Sea Horse

I pulled this card and it made sense to me immediately because I had been thinking about my family, both immediate and extended!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Card Trio: Emotional Gains

Yesterday, while I was waiting for my daughter's swimming lesson to finish, I pulled a few cards for myself. The cards I received felt fairly positive, and they seem centered around emotions because of the majority being cups. A low cups number (Ace) and a high cups number (9 of Cups), implying, maybe, a kind of sense of closure or some kind of journey taken, on an emotional level. This was paired with the 6 of Wands, a card of triumph, recognition and victory.

I find this trio interesting because, if anything, I feel as though I've been struggling emotionally. I have a moody pre-teen who is very off and on about wanting to do anything this summer--activities or socialization. On top of that, she seems irritated by me much of the time. I know well enough to know that this is more of an individuation process rather than something to take personally--because once we take things personally, that's when we begin to suffer!

But, on the other hand, she is also very capable of articulating what is going on with her, when I can get her to talk about it. She does have a great deal of emotional wisdom underneath the currently crusty exterior. Her sense of personal space and independence is paramount right now, and I'm trying to respect that rather than force her into numerous activities.

That said, however, I do put her in little classes and activities, at least the ones she approves. She's in swimming twice a week and she has a few things coming up in July: pottery wheel, a mini camp looking at music/rock and rock equipment use, etc. She wasn't fond of the dance/movement class or teacher we tried last week. And even though I'm not happy about losing the $52 on that class (you can't get a refund after the class starts), I think the other things will work out. Namely because I am just going to have her go to them regardless of what she thinks. Ha.

Anyway. Yesterday I pulled this trio. Today was sort of a rough go of it, as we had a long, semi-emotional discussion about connections and socialization, but I would consider it important and a good exchange. Maybe this trio is pointing to the wisdom of exploring emotional topics, and not skirting them. Sometimes a really good, intense conversation about something is needed to make progress on something that's been stalling.

Additionally, sometimes it's good to know what you're working with, and know the reasons behind a person's current head space so that you can go into something with clarity rather than complete frustration, as parenting often is a rich soil to grow frustration in, especially at key transition times (toddlers, puberty, etc). I'm trying to stay open to the conversation and not let myself drown in upset if things 'don't go my way' or if my daughter doesn't want to do what I think should be done. I am working on having a truly synergistic relationship with her--not one based on some kind of mutual annoyance. Haha!

So. Yes. We did still have a good outing together, the two of us, despite a bit of a tense start to the day. I can think of many scenarios (not just involving my daughter) where clearing the air, exploring our emotions did a lot of good in a relatively short amount of time.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Self Portrait

Runes for June and July: The Necessity of Personal Passions

Here are two runes I pulled today! Nauthiz (Necessity) and Gebo (Gift)

I was really proud of the graphic I pulled together for this, even though it's not all that amazing or complicated. I just like the vintage images. Anyway! reading the various meanings and key words of these runes, I thought of something. There are many ways to interpret this, but what came to mind first and foremost is that it is a need for me to really engage in my personal gifts and passions. The consequence of avoiding our true interests is suffering. Suffering is something I saw mentioned in the Nauthiz rune descriptions a lot. I find this is true for me. When I don't actively connect to my creativity in some way--in any way that works for me at the time--I feel the pain of withdrawal, disconnection from myself on some level.

Gebo is about gifts and generosity, but I did see this more as my personal offering to the world, rather than the mundane meaning of exchanges presents, even though gift-giving is one of my favorite things to do and I do it often!

This duo seems to invite me to explore my creativity and see it not as a frivolous journey but as a true necessity, just as important as food, water, sleep and other basic needs.


Wordless Wednesday: Carrot

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

An Oceanic Duo: Goldfish & Sunrise

I thought this was a kind of silly story to convey...

I wanted a different sort of background for my Tea Leaf Fortune Cards pull, and I thought, 'Why not use one of my own paintings?' I plucked this seashell scape painting off my bathroom wall to use in this fashion, but then I paused and thought, 'This would only look decent if the cards I pulled had some sort of aquatic/oceanic theme.' Amazingly, this realization didn't deter me as I pulled a card.

I laughed when I pulled Goldfish, as it seemed amusingly appropriate. I was going to keep it at that and not push my luck, but what fun would that be? So, I chose a second card to round out my reading, and got Sunrise, which shows the sun rising over an ocean vista. Ha!

Besides being visually on point, these cards also have a lovely message. Increased funds, understanding and the chance of a fresh start leading to new and interesting places.


Single Card Pull: Egg Reiterates a Recent Message

You'll have to excuse the overly patterned image here. I found the add layer function over at Haha! I do love color and pattern. Anyway. Rather than posting a complicated reading, I opted to post this single card pull using my beloved Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. In my opinion, this serves as an extension to my last post. Again, the suggestion is that if I put in some effort, it will bear fruit. It seems so simple and so obvious, but it really is a good reminder. Especially if we've felt particularly stuck around something, feeling blah or powerless in any way.


Sunday, June 19, 2016

July Tea Leaf Fortunes Reading Balances Work and Play

Hi Folks!

Admittedly, as you may've noticed, I haven't been as active on the blog lately. Sorry about that! I've just been sort of 'meh' about it, and when that happens I try to go with the flow and not force it. Although I do still like playing with my cards, and I do still find myself doing it most days, I feel like the readings are a bit perfunctory, and 'skim the surface' rather than go deep. You know the feeling, right? When things are felt on a deeper level, when you're engaged in what you're doing...things click into place. Since that hasn't been happening, and I suspect the reason is mainly because I'm distracted by other things, like trying to figure out a balance for the summer, I have mostly not been posting my readings, since I often feel I'm not doing the readings justice.

In addition to the usual summer distractions, I have felt my focus go toward practical projects rather than esoteric things. We painted our dining room and then the bar/seating area in the kitchen. I seem to think more along those lines these days. I think that's how our energy and creativity flows.

In any event, here's my July forecast using the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. I felt like this one clicked for me and I wasn't struggling with it in any way. The July card actually came up without me pulling it to represent July, so I went with it! So, in terms of cards received, we have Hammock, talking about a vacation. In this case, I just assume it means the summer break. And even though the Boot card seems at first to be contrary to taking a break, it made total sense to me. Recently, I've realized I do need to increase my efforts in some areas in order to see change in them. The one I mentioned already is getting some overdue house projects done (re-painting the badly painted rooms, for instance), some of which have gone undone for a year and a half.

The Dark Woman next to the Eagle card seems personal, like it's telling me that if I put in the time and energy (Boot) then I can get some things done in this summer interval. It jives with what I've been feeling and serves as a positive focus for productivity balanced with relaxation and self-care.


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June Rune: Eihwaz

I saw this cool quote over at Wayfarer's Mark:

"The days of childhood are behind, and the days of wisdom are yet to come. Eihwaz is the rune of shifting identity – you are becoming something new, and there is a great need to embrace it."