Tuesday, June 21, 2016

An Oceanic Duo: Goldfish & Sunrise

I thought this was a kind of silly story to convey...

I wanted a different sort of background for my Tea Leaf Fortune Cards pull, and I thought, 'Why not use one of my own paintings?' I plucked this seashell scape painting off my bathroom wall to use in this fashion, but then I paused and thought, 'This would only look decent if the cards I pulled had some sort of aquatic/oceanic theme.' Amazingly, this realization didn't deter me as I pulled a card.

I laughed when I pulled Goldfish, as it seemed amusingly appropriate. I was going to keep it at that and not push my luck, but what fun would that be? So, I chose a second card to round out my reading, and got Sunrise, which shows the sun rising over an ocean vista. Ha!

Besides being visually on point, these cards also have a lovely message. Increased funds, understanding and the chance of a fresh start leading to new and interesting places.


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