Sunday, June 19, 2016

July Tea Leaf Fortunes Reading Balances Work and Play

Hi Folks!

Admittedly, as you may've noticed, I haven't been as active on the blog lately. Sorry about that! I've just been sort of 'meh' about it, and when that happens I try to go with the flow and not force it. Although I do still like playing with my cards, and I do still find myself doing it most days, I feel like the readings are a bit perfunctory, and 'skim the surface' rather than go deep. You know the feeling, right? When things are felt on a deeper level, when you're engaged in what you're doing...things click into place. Since that hasn't been happening, and I suspect the reason is mainly because I'm distracted by other things, like trying to figure out a balance for the summer, I have mostly not been posting my readings, since I often feel I'm not doing the readings justice.

In addition to the usual summer distractions, I have felt my focus go toward practical projects rather than esoteric things. We painted our dining room and then the bar/seating area in the kitchen. I seem to think more along those lines these days. I think that's how our energy and creativity flows.

In any event, here's my July forecast using the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. I felt like this one clicked for me and I wasn't struggling with it in any way. The July card actually came up without me pulling it to represent July, so I went with it! So, in terms of cards received, we have Hammock, talking about a vacation. In this case, I just assume it means the summer break. And even though the Boot card seems at first to be contrary to taking a break, it made total sense to me. Recently, I've realized I do need to increase my efforts in some areas in order to see change in them. The one I mentioned already is getting some overdue house projects done (re-painting the badly painted rooms, for instance), some of which have gone undone for a year and a half.

The Dark Woman next to the Eagle card seems personal, like it's telling me that if I put in the time and energy (Boot) then I can get some things done in this summer interval. It jives with what I've been feeling and serves as a positive focus for productivity balanced with relaxation and self-care.



  1. I'd like to get some practical things done around here too, maybe I need to give myself the boot and get moving!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! :D Yeah, we all need to gently boot the booty sometimes when it comes to starting things. Other times, it just doesn't matter so much if certain things go by the wayside! It just feels good to get stuff done, and who doesn't like that? Hehe. I just spent a little time in the sunroom re-arranging and sorting through some stuff. It looks cleaner and less crazy now, and that, in turn, made me somehow feel less crazy too. I love that so much. XOXOXOXOX. Good luck with projects--I know you're busy with lots of babysitting. <3