Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Runes for June and July: The Necessity of Personal Passions

Here are two runes I pulled today! Nauthiz (Necessity) and Gebo (Gift)

I was really proud of the graphic I pulled together for this, even though it's not all that amazing or complicated. I just like the vintage images. Anyway! reading the various meanings and key words of these runes, I thought of something. There are many ways to interpret this, but what came to mind first and foremost is that it is a need for me to really engage in my personal gifts and passions. The consequence of avoiding our true interests is suffering. Suffering is something I saw mentioned in the Nauthiz rune descriptions a lot. I find this is true for me. When I don't actively connect to my creativity in some way--in any way that works for me at the time--I feel the pain of withdrawal, disconnection from myself on some level.

Gebo is about gifts and generosity, but I did see this more as my personal offering to the world, rather than the mundane meaning of exchanges presents, even though gift-giving is one of my favorite things to do and I do it often!

This duo seems to invite me to explore my creativity and see it not as a frivolous journey but as a true necessity, just as important as food, water, sleep and other basic needs.


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