Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Fortune Teller's Mah Jongg Trio Hints at Household Renewal

Last night I pulled some cards from The Fortune Teller's Mah Jongg, and they were this very glowing group of cards about renewal and bright prospects and all this happy, clappy, hopeful stuff. Naturally, I liked that. But anyway. I kind of wished I had saved the reading from last night to post it, because it felt like one of those 'special' readings, something you want to take note of. But...since, I didn't do that, I picked up the cards, shuffled and pulled again this morning.

The first card I received was (again) Phoenix, followed by Earth and House. I found this trio interesting, and there are some possibilities for interpretation. The Phoenix card is a very positive card of joy and renewal, and the Earth card can mean stability, land, and other types of acquisitions. The House card is often, quite literally, a house.

In the book, the combination of Earth and House is described thusly:

The meaning of Earth as an element is stability. With the House (5 Wan) it represents a picture of a building standing on its own land. 

Although I'm still not entirely sure what to make of this, one possible meaning would be the happy renewal or resurrection of some house-related or property-related prospect. Maybe renovating? This might make sense for us, since we still have several rooms to paint and touch up. If I do get more clues as to this reading, I'll try to post an update here.


Monday, July 18, 2016

Anxiety, Reversed and Finding Flow

A little divination story for y'all. But first a slight backstory. Lately, divination has been a hit or miss passion for me. Sometimes I'm in the mood for it--other times I don't feel particularly connected to it. But, I'm not as worried about this as I might have been in the past. A creative person (which basically means every person!) goes through cycles...ebbs and flows, ups and downs, fertile and fallow times. Rarely is there a consistent, intense passion. We all have dips in our interest in things. This is normal. I used to think it was abnormal. I thought something was wrong with me when I didn't feel like doing something. You just lack work ethic, I might tell myself. Or perhaps I was doing everything wrong. But now I know this isn't so. If only I could've just told myself, 'Don't worry about it. You don't need to do everything all at once. You don't need to force everything.' I'm back to reminding myself of that.

But, sometimes, when you're on, you're on. And that's good too. I've noticed a phenomenon lately when reading. When I try to 'push past' my resistance to something--or try to 'force' myself to read a certain way, all of the flow and magic evaporates. All the mojo goes away. If I just relax a bit and let go, see what happens, something will gently move in.

Last night I pulled a card using my Energy Oracle app. As I did so I engaged my 'Let This Go, Intuitive Response Mode™! When I did that a card image popped into my mind; It was the Anxiety card in this deck. Not only that, but the card also showed up reversed in my mind. This image was fleeting. Almost as if it didn't happen. I was thinking about freeing myself from anxiety, from the constant feeling of needing or wanting to control everything in and around me.

You can guess what happened next. I pulled the Anxiety card, reversed. This sounds like a fluke, but this happens surprisingly often when I'm relaxed an in an intuitive flow. But when I try to get a vice-like grip on intuition it evades me. This isn't anything new, but it surprises me. Probably because there's a big part of me that still feels skeptical of anything unseen, intuitive or mysterious.

So, my main goal now is to relax into that space more, and then take action if it's appropriate.


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Butterfly Oracle Cards Reading Regarding Self-Employment

Hello Everyone!

I've been enjoying these Butterfly Oracle Cards. I bought them recently at Barnes & Noble, which is pretty amazing because I haven't really felt drawn to buy decks the past year. I find myself feeling rather neutral about most decks lately in terms of purchasing. Part of this is that I feel like I don't want a bunch of decks I don't use. In any case, I happened to see these in the store and someone had opened one of the sets so that I could look through them (which normally isn't the case in B&N), which tipped me more toward buying them, despite a few cards seeming cheesy to me!

So, the topic of this reading for me was related to work, creative commissions, and tarot readings. In essence: self-employment. So, I felt this reading was already telling me something even before I looked into the meanings more deeply. I was feeling like I was resorting to sort of extreme measures to get people interested in buying things from me, such as, 'Ten dollar tarot readings for the next two months!' And when no one responded to that, honestly, I kinda felt relieved! And I realized why. I didn't really want to do what I set out to do--I just did it for the money. Which is never a good premise! The card which popped into my head when thinking about this topic was 'Changing Your Mind' (see the image of the reading, above), and so I was glad to see it come up when I did my reading. It's just what it sounds like--you may do something then feel like it wasn't what you really wanted. I do this a lot because I often do what I think I 'should' do rather than what I really want to do. But, happily, more and  more often I have been doing what I really want to do, because life is too short for anything else, right?

This reading, to me, reads both as a simultaneous glut of information as well as a linear, time-based story. What I mean by that is that you can look at it as a whole and it makes sense. But I also see it as steps. First, I change my mind and do what I really want to do. Then I take a break to gather my thoughts. Then I figure out what I want from self-employment. The Hobbies card says that what you really enjoy and do regularly gives powerful clues to what you really want to do business-wise. I think that's true. And finally...the way to move forward is to take a step in that direction, creating momentum from inspiration, thereby welcoming new ideas and new conditions.

Much Love,

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Last Week's Encouraging Trio

Last week I was feeling especially bleh and under the weather. Having a sinus flare-up and just feeling generally 'meh', I pulled a few cards. This trio felt really good. The money thing was also a concern but, also, abundance represents feeling expansive within--not just having enough money and 'stuff'...but more an expression of feeling in a place of personal flow.

It's been about a week since I pulled this, and even though my sinuses are still acting up a bit, I am allowing for a more peaceful feeling to permeate things. And when I get frustrated or 'stuck' in the sticky zones of my life, I can find that space where I see that things can improve and change, but at the same time not be afraid to stand in present circumstances and be patient with them.