Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Fortune Teller's Mah Jongg Trio Hints at Household Renewal

Last night I pulled some cards from The Fortune Teller's Mah Jongg, and they were this very glowing group of cards about renewal and bright prospects and all this happy, clappy, hopeful stuff. Naturally, I liked that. But anyway. I kind of wished I had saved the reading from last night to post it, because it felt like one of those 'special' readings, something you want to take note of. But...since, I didn't do that, I picked up the cards, shuffled and pulled again this morning.

The first card I received was (again) Phoenix, followed by Earth and House. I found this trio interesting, and there are some possibilities for interpretation. The Phoenix card is a very positive card of joy and renewal, and the Earth card can mean stability, land, and other types of acquisitions. The House card is often, quite literally, a house.

In the book, the combination of Earth and House is described thusly:

The meaning of Earth as an element is stability. With the House (5 Wan) it represents a picture of a building standing on its own land. 

Although I'm still not entirely sure what to make of this, one possible meaning would be the happy renewal or resurrection of some house-related or property-related prospect. Maybe renovating? This might make sense for us, since we still have several rooms to paint and touch up. If I do get more clues as to this reading, I'll try to post an update here.


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