Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Lenormand Duo: Dog & Bear

Here is a duo that I pulled. I used the addictive Prisma app to edit it. Gotta love that thing.

So here we have Dog and Bear. Dog represents loyalty, friendship and the like. Bear can mean a variety of things--some of which are resources, money, a boss, a powerful person, a mother, diet. The list goes on. Here are some examples of this combination (in short) that I came across:

From LearnLenormand.com:

Dog + bear (15): financial advisor, powerful friend

From CafeLenormand.com:

Dog + Bear: adviser, consultant, wealthy friend, overbearing friend

From Faery Godmother Fortunes:

Bear/ Dog- a friend in authority, friends in high places, a friend with the power to help your situation

From Lenormand-Reading.com:

Dog+Bear: Mighty friend. Elder friend. Benevolence and softness.
 Hmm. Something to think about. I might have an idea of what this is pointing to but I will ponder it!


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