Monday, August 8, 2016

Butterfly Message of the Week: Decisions About Finances

I've been enjoying the universal draws I've been seeing from fellow tarotists, both in blogs and on Instagram, so I decided to join in! I realized that many people may not only want to see me post readings about my (usually) hum-drum life. So, I am going to do mostly universal weekly readings, for all my readers--though you could easily argue that all of them are universal and the information in them relevant to whomever reads them.

So, here we have a duo for this week from these lovely Butterfly Oracle Cards. Decisions and Finances. This duo speaks to having to make a choice (or multiple choices) regarding your finances. This could come about in a number of ways: changing jobs, budgeting and investing, meal-planning, finding new streams of income, doing away with a job or a spouse changing or losing a job, or other finance-impacting decisions. For me, this is relevant on a number of levels. I hope it is for you, too!


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