Monday, August 15, 2016

Medical News: Rider & Tower

I pulled this duo just now, to see what might come up. I looked up various meanings for this duo, and while many had promise, I ended up going with one that popped into my mind, which is medical news. The Rider brings some sort of information, person or visitor of some sort. Tower can be an institution/building/official/governmental establishment, among other things.

I guess I thought of this possibility since it seems to be a topic of interest today. My mom, grandma and sister were in town today (along with my dad and sister's BF to meet us for lunch), to see if my grandma's cast would come off after having been on her broken arm for two plus months. Unfortunately, the verdict is that it cannot come off. It was a very bad break, and if she weren't 90, it would have been operated on, but she is not strong enough to undergo such an operation. So, she will continue with the cast and/or brace. They were told that even a really young patient would have a long recovery from this type of break, and that it normally would require the aforementioned surgery.

Another possibility is my brother-in-law who has been in and out of the hospital for his ongoing issues. An even more mundane possibility is my husband going to the eye doctor this afternoon. In any case, health care of all sorts is highlighted!


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