Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Fortune Teller's Mah Jongg: Family and Health Focus

Here is a trio I pulled yesterday from The Fortune Teller's Mah Jongg, a very impressive little oracle consisting of 144 cards, some of them repeats, based on the Mah Jongg game. I like that there are extras of cards, since it's a card game and it's made to have multiples of things. This makes it easy to see a repeat of a theme or message in an oracle reading.

I admit this deck was a bit intimidating at first. The readings they suggest are complicated, not unlike Lenormand readings with a Grand Tableau or whatnot. But, being a person who loves doing things her own way and who loves shortcuts, I often just use this as I would any other deck.

Each card has a meaning that can be impacted by the cards around it, which is true of most oracle decks, but this seems especially true with this deck. It gives examples of how different pairings enhance or change certain meanings. This is, again, not unlike the Lenormand.

In any case...I have found this to be a surprisingly simple deck for reading with, even given all that complexity I just mentioned. Over time, I've learned the basic meanings of the cards, but I'm sure this is something that could take decades to do well.

The basic meanings of the cards I drew:

Peacock-From what I understand, this represents an older woman. There is a young woman card too, which is the Peach. This can also be somewhat lucky (but not too lucky!) as the book states. 

Seven Stars: This is a card about hopes and wishes, ambitions, fate, and other lofty sounding things. 

Toad: This card is primarily about health and healing, but can also be a warning not to overreach your ambitions. 

This trio came up in response to a query I had about what to focus on right now. My impression of this reading (which is highly personalized, I'm sure) is that, at this time, my main focus is family and my health, but that personal ambitions may take a back seat or even be too lofty at the moment. That doesn't mean I can't do them, but I feel like it's saying that my personal health and well-being trump that. This makes sense, as I was simultaneously wondering how I could bolster my physical health.

The Peacock made me think of my grandmother, who is living nearby with my parents, who I have been visiting a couple of times a week. She has very limited mobility and no short term memory (and is also very weak). I've been thinking about her a lot since they moved her back here about a month ago. She's 90 and I don't know how much longer she has. I know when my parents were out of town in Texas I felt a lot of guilt over not being nearby to visit my family, since care-taking for elderly relatives is a very intense and tiring affair, and my parents were very burnt out.

All that is to say that these things have been on my mind lately. Maybe a little too much---I can't think of much else. The Toad card brings the focus on physical health, which certainly applies both to myself and my ailing grandmother.  I feel that this will transition into something else at some point, but at present, this is what has been in my thoughts lately.


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